The Lebanese Revolution Is Not Just Anthems and Songs

Televised media outlets around the country have been working tirelessly in order to report on the latest developments of Lebanon’s revolution and bring them to Lebanese citizens watching at home and around the world. They have been working around the clock across all major protest points in the country, bringing us interviews with protestors and highlighting their demands and concerns on the air.


It would ultimately be impossible for the media to be able to cover absolutely everything going on, especially that so many brilliant little events are taking place throughout these protests, and so many brilliant people are working behind the scenes in order to shape this revolution positively and in a more educated light.

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Across social media platforms, namely through their Instagram stories, protesters have been reporting on small meetings taking place every day in Riyad Al Solh at 6.30 PM.


A group of protesters is brought together in order to discuss their rights, constitutional articles pertaining to the protest, as well as the legal and official processes protesters can follow in order to reach their demands and hold the people in power accountable. 

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These meetings, shown below on Reddit, gather interested citizens to discuss with experts and members of civil society movements. In parallel, other interesting events take place in Sehit Samir Kassir.


MTV was reported setting tents there with blown up, in the style of an “academic poster” with charts and diagrams explaining people’s rights and the constitutional and political processes to achieve the protesters’ demands.

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With similar events taking place across the country, raising political awareness and enhancing people’s political knowledge about their rights, the government’s obligations and duties as well as political processes, this revolution is headed into the right direction.


As one Reddit user put it, followed by a picture of people huddle into the gathering taking place in Riad Al Soleh, “Our revolution is not just anthems and songs… It’s a place where we have debates, and listen to each other (picture from tents between Ryad l Slh and Se7it l Shohada).”

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