The Lebanese Revolution Now Has Its Own Anthem!

Jointly we have been standing for 10 days and counting. With our hands held, we’ve been losing our voices for our common and just cause in the face of the voices that desperately devise schemes and sketches every day to try and disperse our sacred gatherings. But the people have spoken. The people have awoken. The melody of their unceasing revolution now accompanied by a fitting harmony; an anthem crafted by the Lebanese free revolutionists to further unite their voices against tyranny.


This past Wednesday night, the anthem of Lebanon Revolution made its debut as several known artists and activists at the protests became the first to carol its lyrics in the Martyrs’ Square, Beirut. People demonstrating in Al-Alam Square in Tyre also joined in that night, singing along with their brethren in a touching scene of compassion, brotherhood, and patriotism.

The poem, composed by Mahdi Mansour, is originally titled “ريح الثورة”, or The Wind of the Revolution, but is now mainly referred to as The Anthem of the Revolution (نشيد الثورة). Ziad Al Ahmadieh distributed the anthem, Saad al-Qadri filmed its video, and it was recorded in RED studio.

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The chorus of the song consists of Fadi Abi Samra, Mohamed Sharaf, Elie Habib, Ziad Al Ahmadieh, Andrei Abu Zaid, Zaher Qais, Saad Al Qadri, Ruba Al Khoury, Anjou Rihan, Talal Al Jurdi, Abdo Shaheen, Mohammed Mokbel, Diya Mansour, Rania Marwa, Carmen Leps, Haneen Abu Shakra, Mark Raidi, and Badi Abu Chakra.

In addition to its numerous achievements garnered so far, the Lebanese revolution is rich in artistic expression and creativity; from funny, innovative posters and rebellious graffiti to a human chain spanning the entire country! Lebanese artists are not wasting this golden opportunity to show the world how much of a cultured country their’s is.


May we achieve all that we hope to achieve from this noble movement, and may our beloved nation finally be free from deceit, corruption, and failure. Long may the Lebanese live, a unified people belonging to no one and nothing but their homeland; free and content may they justly rule and thrive in the beautiful Pearl of the Middle East.

And people have started dancing on its tunes!

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