The Lebanese University Refuses To Close Its Doors

Lebanese University

President of the Lebanese University (LU), Bassam Badran, announced that “there is a university academic year ahead, and the state is required to secure funds quickly for a number of decrees issued in order to secure the minimum for a professor to finish the academic year.”

In an interview with ‘Voice of Lebanon’, Badran confirmed that “the university will not close its doors, and there is a meeting with donors in the near future.”

Badran asserted that “the state is required to be convinced that the university can be an advisor to it in all ministries.” 

In relation to the earlier open strike to keep the university open, LU made the following statement: 

“The government still treats public sector issues lightly and ignores the rights of its workers. It insists on the policy of buying time and procrastinating on basic and vital files.”

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