The profound ‘Norma’ storm in 15 pictures

This Lebanese winter is one to remember. The strong storm “Norma” lasted 3 whole days and reached its peak on Tuesday.


A number of roads were forced to close due to the extreme flooding and others were naturally closed by snow. 

“Norma” was an expected storm but its effects were surely unexpected.

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The temperature reached a minimum of 9 degrees Celsius on the coast, 3 degrees in the mountains and 0 degrees in the interior, though temperatures vary widely by altitude. Wind speed was reported at a maximum of 80 kph, snow was falling at 600 m, ice forming at 700 m and above, and precipitations were the highest recorded in the last couple of years. 

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People suffered on the roads while the right precautions were being taken by the Lebanese Civil Defense who rescued more than 40 persons from their half-submerged cars.


Besides the chaos “Norma” created, it has blessed us with beautiful white snow on our Lebanese great mountains. 

Social media was buzzing with pictures, stories, and videos of beautiful landscapes painted by “Norma” all across the country. 

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Lakes in Barouk, Faraya and Laklouk were completely frozen and surrounded by snow. 


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The violent storm was on ski and winter sports’ enthusiasts’ side as it had prepared the slopes for their favourite activities. 


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People on country roads struggled a lot to get to their destinations as roads were being closed and ice was being formed. 

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People spent most of the storm days at home as roads were unavailable and schools were closed. 


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Snow generously fell on thirsty Lebanese mountains after a couple of snow-rare winters.

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After the storm’s visit, Lebanon was finally united by one colour: White!

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