The Weeknd Just Donated $300,000 To Help The Lebanese People

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The disaster that struck Beirut didn’t just affect the Lebanese, it shocked the whole world. Dozens of countries have gathered to pledge their support and send emergency humanitarian aid to Lebanon.

Celebrities and prominent figures have also sent donations and shed light on the matter to their large audience. Stars like Bella Hadid and Amal and George Clooney have sent their aids to Lebanese NGOs working on the ground to directly help those in need.

To get Beirut through this distressful time, The Weeknd has also donated $300,000 to support The Lebanese Red Cross, United Nations World Food Programme, and the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon.

Recently, The Weeknd manager, Sal, and his wife Rima Fakih pledged $250K to the same organizations through Global Citizen.

The people of Lebanon are strong people, but they need our help. 

– Global Citizen

Indeed, the Lebanese people are strong, especially their steadfast youth, but they can’t do it alone. They are currently without the help of their own government and are relying on donations and foreign support.

People who have never needed to ask for help would now appreciate every bit they can get.

Thousands are displaced, injured, and mourning. With help from friendly countries and generous people, they will get through this as this great nation has done before.

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