Watch These Undercover Twins Prank People In Beirut To Reward Their Acts Of Kindness


TheWorldSucks is an NGO on a mission to prove that the world isn’t all that bad. Their social experiments aim to make the world a better place, showcasing people’s decency and kindness to inspire others and prove that the world doesn’t “suck” after all.

In their latest video, the NGO collaborated with twins Chris and Kevin Ghazarian to play “rich twin” and “poor twin” for a light-hearted prank aimed at giving big rewards to good people in Beirut‘s Central District.

With the rich twin hidden around a corner, the poor twin pretends to drop his (empty) wallet near someone standing by in hopes that the person would stop him to tell him he had dropped it.

Hidden rich twin

“Thank God, this had my ID card in it. If I had money to give you I would…. When I’m rich, I will come find you,” the poor twin tells the decent strangers who alerted him about his fallen wallet.

The people – being security guards, waste collectors, and others – would laugh and shrug it off not taking the poor twin seriously. They were just doing what they felt was the right thing to do.

However, to their surprise, the same-looking young man is back within seconds but this time he’s dressed professionally and has money. It’s the rich twin saying, “Do you remember me? You just saved me from losing my wallet.”

Of course, it is later revealed that he’s a twin and they both proceed to do what they came for, rewarding the decency of those who helped them.

An interesting observation is that, despite the dire financial situation in the country, many people had to be persuaded to accept being repaid for their kindness.

Granted, not all people were as kind. “In Beirut, out of 10 people 9 will return your wallet if they see you drop it,” said TheWorldSucks.

In a surprising turn of events, while filming, the team comes across a young man selling water bottles to earn a living. They offer him 1,000,000 LBP which leaves him in shock. He promises that when he is rich he will remember them and find them.

Watch the inspiring video below. It does tell us that, in a world riddled with deceits, decency and kindness remain nonetheless the virtues of many.

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