We Just Launched A ‘Missing’ App To Reunite Families After Beirut Explosion

Unfortunately, many people are still not found after the Beirut Port Explosion. Daily, the Lebanese rescue teams are finding bodies buried under the debris.

Until now, many haven’t been found. The official statement declared that they were 30 missing but we can’t ascertain of the accuracy of that number since chaos still prevails.

It has been also reported that some families are getting contacted with false locations, which is only adding to their misery.

Instagram accounts were created to address this, however, a more efficient way was needed. Hence the push to create this app.

We teamed up with local developers Gabriel Nazi, Elias El Teeny, and Jean Claude Aoun as well as designer Sarah Younes to create and promote this. This way, we’re able to connect The961’s ~1 million monthly readers directly with the information.

The app allows family members to submit the information of their loved ones. Through a set of filters, people can also search for people. We will be working with local agencies like the Civil Defense, hospitals and Search and Rescue teams to have them add people who have been found but can’t be identified.

Each submission will have all the characteristics to identify the person, from hair and eye colour, height, skin color, any birthmarks or tattoos etc.

We are working with local agencies to centralize the main database with all this information. As one site receives information, it would update the central database, and everywhere else the information is available. This will amplify the reach significantly and ensure the most accurate and timely information.

The app is still in the works – as the team just started working on it a few days after the explosion. The mobiles will be ready shortly.

You can check it out by clicking here or going to missing.the961.com

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