Theatrical Play In Lebanon Sheds Light On The Absence Of Domestic Workers From Justice


The Environment Council of Qobayat, North Lebanon, organized cultural activities aiming to revitalize environmental and cultural tourism.

Among these activities, the play “The Black Hole” was performed in the smokehouse hall in the town’s heritage silk factory to an audience formed of Qobayat locals and several Akkar villages and towns.

The play was a theatrical pleading in the case of the absence of 200,000 domestic workers from the space of justice and their opportunity to defend themselves, bringing awareness to this critical issue in Lebanon.

The play was written and directed by Hashem Adnan and performed by Nidal Ayoub, Hashem Adnan, Mollo Rita Messigina, Sophie Ndongo, Myriam Prado, Ahlam Al-Dirani, and Teresa Pontelas.

This work was in partnership with Legal Agenda and with the support of the International Labor Organization.

According to Annahar, the play raises a serious and responsible question: How can a trial be lifted despite the accused’s absence?

At the end of the play, there was an interactive discussion with the audience and the signing of a petition against the current and defective Kafala system.

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