These 10 Breakup Lines Can Drive You Nuts in Lebanon

Initiating and/or accepting a breakup is never easy unless both partners want to ditch each other and not knowing how. The outcome is always a relief to both. However, it takes emotional energy, mind efforts, and sometimes some lies and sugar-coating to end a love relationship with someone.


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While many breakup lines can be prevalent amongst many cultures, you can see that, in Lebanon, it’s most of the time very complicated for one of the partners to call it a quit or part ways.

Hence, it’s very common to use some disingenuous, typical, and very soft breakup lines enclosed with endless arguments that could be, in many cases, untrue and mendacious. Let’s see how many of these you have experienced, and we apologize in advance for any memory discomfort. 


#1. El ossa mesh fikeh or fik (It’s not you, it’s me)

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While this can be a very common and an overused breakup line, in Lebanon whenever a guy/girl uses this cliché-statement, they won’t just end it there. They feel the urge to enclose it with a tirade of a 300+-word paragraph and endless arguments in order for it not to sound too rude or odd.


#2. Ana daye3 or day3a (I am lost)

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Of course, the “I am lost” kind of thing won’t be the only statement used to declare a breakup. It should come along with ‘selflessly caring’ statements like ma baddeh day3ik ma3eh, and ma zanbik bi yalleh 3am ysir, as in again: It’s not your fault, don’t take it personal, (as if a break up could ever be a “not-personal” matter).

“I’m lost and I don’t want to affect your life with the mood swings or ups and downs I am experiencing.” That’s too caring indeed. So, instead of you feeling bad for yourself (or hating the fellow), you would go feeling instead sorry for the person dumping you.


#3. Btestehleh Ahsan (You deserve better)

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Just another breakup line to end the relationship on good terms and tell the other person that they do deserve someone better. This could also come in a more dramatic form when one of the partners says: enta kteer 3layeh (you are out of my league) or enti kteeer mniha (you are too good for me).

So okay, LOL. If one does truly believe that the other is so good, why would there be a breakup in the first place, considering the claim that this is the only reason?


#4. 3am assiss hale (I am still working on establishing myself)

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Was that too ambiguous to recognize before going into a relationship? Of course, this Lebanese breakup line comes attached with other unconvincing arguments, like: badde rakkiz 3a sheghle (I want to focus on my work).

Okay, now, hold on there. This can only make sense when she or he is bothering you at your job place, distracting you all the time from doing your daily tasks; otherwise, it doesn’t really make any sense, does it? What has your love life to do with your work?


#5. Baddeh space (I need some space)

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That can only apply when one of the two can be really clingy or taking it real serious! Other than that, what does a “space” really mean? Could one of the two be possibly sleeping on their partner’s bed leaving them a little space to lie in there? Or maybe standing on the doorway and not allowing them to go out?


#6. Ba3dak betheb el ex (You’re still in love with your ex)

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It can only make perfect sense when one of the partners are constantly talking about their exes or maybe saying their names to their current partner by mistake or their desktop screen still displays the photo of the ex.

Other than that, how could one assume it as true to the point of deciding to break up? Is it a superpower of a kind that made them detect that? Maybe this is a bit too much of a passive-aggressive drama for a breakup, don’t you think? 


#7. Khayfeh men el hob (I am scared of love)

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Wait, what? Really? Are you serious? Were you expecting for this relationship to turn into a brotherhood or sisterhood someday? I mean, it really takes some maturity to be in a relationship, or at least expect to enter it with the intention to love. Isn’t it what love relationships are about, anyway? Otherwise, you better not step in from the very beginning.


#8. Khalina nekhod break (Let us take a break)

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Similar to #5, this can be even more ridiculous because it either shows the uncertainty of someone. It can also be used to soften the breakup while both partners assume a mutual ‘conscious’ denial that this not really a break, not even something close to it. Well, it better hurts now than later, no?


#9. W ekherta? (How will this end?)

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While both partners do perfectly know from the 1st day they met that this relationship may probably not work, they get each other involved in intense moments and feelings, giving hope to one another until one of the partners initiate the breakup.

It could be something like emmik ma bet7ebneh (your mother doesn’t love me) or ana w ente kteer gheir 3an ba3ed (you and I are very different from each other), just a bunch of arguments around not being suitable for one another or not being accepted as partners by their families.


#10. Khallina as7ab (Let’s remain friends)

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HAHAHA! Like personally, this can only make sense to me when partners themselves were originally friends and turned this friendship into romance at a later stage. In other words, were they really friends to revert to that now?

Another similar statement, rah ndall as7ab, doesn’t even ask the other’s consent: “We will continue being friends.” If we disregard the fact of them being so, how could one assume that the other would want to “maintain this friendship” after an intense kind of breakup?


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