These Are Michel Hayek’s 2024 Predictions For Lebanon

2024 Predictions
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Michel Hayek, a renowned astrologer, made striking predictions for Lebanon and the region for 2024 on MTV. The forecasts encompass various sectors, including banking, real estate, and public administration, highlighting Beirut’s rising significance.

He also pinpointed key individuals and events expected to shape Lebanon’s landscape. Hayek’s predictions stir interest and debates, reflecting a deep cultural engagement with astrology in Lebanese society.


New Arab

2024 will be the year of duos in Lebanon.

The next stage will be: behind every deal, there is a deal.

The time of dualities is coming: the airport is two airports, Rafik Hariri Airport, and a real airport this time will be on the horizon.

Beirut Airport

Banking sector: some are closing and others are merging in a new way.

Real estate sector: one investor goes, another comes.

Lebanon is embarking on a path opposite to the system.

French-style residential triangles parallel to the security squares.

The performance of public administrations is revitalized to recover from their paralysis.

Lebanon: renaissance is making its way south.

The land of the south will come alive with thousands of expatriates and tourists.

Large deposits are heading toward Lebanon.

A strike on Lebanon: “Destruction tomorrow will be built upon the next one”

There will be a President of the Republic through a cesarean section and a magic wand from outside the appointment calendar.

Beirut will attract people with money and minds.

Beirut will be the capital of capitals again.

Downtown will return to its previous era: “Beirut in the first and Beirut in the end.”

Phoenicia Hotel Beirut

The miracle that will save Lebanon is coming, and the miracle is coming through a miracle.

In Hemlaya, there will be a huge event.

Fares Saeed’s name will be prominent.

Bishop Bou Negm is between being monitored and trying to steal the spotlight.

Director General of Civil Aviation, Engineer Fadi Al-Hassan, with a stealthy appearance.

Judge Samaranda Nassar is between one file and another, causing confusion.

Focusing on Father Khneisser in his terrifying weather forecasts.

People’s anger will not have mercy on political authority.

An airplane touches the surface of the water.

A clan-centered movement has a high price.

Development of an oil refinery between Tripoli and Al-Zahrani.

President Michel Aoun‘s agenda changes its dates, a visit of a different kind for President Michel Aoun.

Middle East Online

Rabieh House is crowded with visitors.

The revolution will not be a memory.

The Lebanese Revolution Is Launching Its Own TV Channel This Month
Reuters/Andres Martinez Casares

The year 2024 will not be a waste of time.

Lebanon will be “full”.

Invasion scenes in Lebanese camps.

A Lebanese ambassador carries a letter bomb.

Minister Bassam Mawlawi insists on his slogan, “Watch for you.”

A plan by a fifth-sixth side to get rid of Judge Ghada Aoun.

Judge Ghada Aoun Appears Before Judicial Inspection

Retirement from political work will be complete.

The picture of Imam Musa al-Sadr and Mrs. Rabab al-Sadr will take center stage.

At the port, there will be two truths, not one truth.


Bhanes Center monitors an earthquake.

Alaa Al-Khoja with new steps.

An official mourning will precede the second.

A targeted deputy, whether feminine or masculine.

Paying terrorists to target politicians, artists, and businessmen.

George Wassouf’s conversation with fate is not over.

Heavy attack on the embassy in Awkar.

Museums in Lebanon will be shrines, especially the Nabu Museum.

Weam Wahhab will not stop at any red light.

An unprecedented event occurs at Saint Charbel Monastery in Annaya.

The Maameltein area in two events, one turns it into the first, and another turns it into a better place.

A winning card for the head of the Lebanese Forces Party, Dr. Samir Geagea, through a person close to him.

The Sunni street leads, no matter who the leader is.

Laila Al-Solh is on the list of names that make a difference.

A fight between the men of the Progressive Socialist Party.

A powerful and important appearance for Prince Talal Arslan.

Jbeil will steal the spotlight from other cities.

Security operations carried out by foreign mafias on Lebanese soil.

Solidere” is a revolution, abundance and crazy investments.

Traffic and police patrol the streets every day, not just on special occasions.

Finding treasures in Batroun and above its barren lands.

Basil Suleiman Franjieh appears from behind the scenes.

Putting the security services to the test.

Attention is turning to the Electricité du Liban Company?

President Najib Mikati is a man of surprises: surprise after surprise, even shock.


Rafic Hariri Airport: Targeting a political figure.

President Najib Mikati is facing a current that neither sinks nor floats.

Stabilizing the national currency, regardless of the price of the dollar.

Money Changers In Lebanon Are Surprisingly Witnessing A Deficit In Lebanese Liras
Middle East Online

The land of the south will be vibrant with thousands of expatriates and tourists, and Lebanon will witness prosperity despite the war.

Once again, disruption in Kahala.

A rapprochement between Hezbollah and the Lebanese Forces.

NBC News

Lebanese parties will resemble Saudi parties.

This year is the year of President Berri.

The parties also work on bilateral agreements and paths in the manner of the Shiite duo.

Instead of one block, there are two, and instead of sea, there are two on land as well.

Lebanon is also shaken by the earthquake.

A notable recovery in the health and educational sectors.

There is an Israeli strike on Lebanon.

Global Village Space

Real communication between the dead and the living, so do not ignore your dreams about the dead.

An unusual atmosphere surrounds the Lebanese Druze.

The daily routine is broken in the world of Annahar newspaper.

Not all events will pass peacefully for military retirees.

Displaced Syrians take control of one place in Lebanon and threaten another.

syrian refugees

The revolution is tomorrow also.


A wave of earthquakes and tremors awaits.

Between Gemmayzeh and Mar Mikhael, an event will not be common.

Invasion scenes in Palestinian camps.

The Pope’s case in Lebanon is a strange story, and its secret is about to be revealed.

Lebanon gas with a political and fiery explosion under and above the water.

Between public and private security, caution accompanies Major General Al-Bisari.

The effects of Riad Salama’s plans continue despite his departure.

France Is Investigating The Personal Wealth Of Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh

The Minister of Defense is trying to distance the shocks.

State Security wins a game more precious than the most precious.

Madness in Zahle prison.

The Palestinian camps are moving and a fire is burning one of them.

The Minister of Finance is swimming against the tide.

The dental sector shines in Lebanon and abroad.

The security of the displaced Syrians is insecure.

The Governor of the Bank of Lebanon, Wassim Mansouri, recruits all employees to find a solution to deposits, structure the banks, and open closed doors to achieve financial stability.

A retired military figure moves around the arena in more than one direction.

The return of the displaced in more than one way: voluntarily, forcedly, and some will remain until further notice.

A war on the information branch on more than one front.

Restoration and construction of football fields with international standards.

A solid and stubborn personality in the Lebanese judiciary to correct its course.

Lebanon’s prison volcano explodes.

Wholesale scandals with so-called NGOs.

Jumblat‘s health is at stake.


A natural disaster is knocking on our doors.

The airport: police stories, targeting a person, and arresting a person or an aircraft on the ground or above the airport for motives.

Air traffic congestion.

The street selects rulers from among its members.

The gates of heaven are open, so ask for whatever you want.

We hear about groups calling themselves supporters of the Lebanese army.


An unexpected storm over Tripoli.

The Gaza war leads to a solution in Lebanon.

Abed Khaled / AP

Gebran Bassil: There is no isolation or retirement.

France Considering Joining US In Sanctioning Gebran Bassil

Israel strikes wherever it wants in Lebanon, even next to the American embassy.

US Embassy
U.S. Embassy Lebanon

There are assassinations.

Battle in Wadi Khaled.

A partnership between the public and private sectors.

The second part of the demarcation file.


Hezbollah abandons the resolution of war and peace and bridges the gap with Resolution 1701.


Iran will not abandon Hezbollah.

Group 910 flips one of the equations.

The Hezbollah party amends its slogan on the road to Jerusalem.

Gaza explodes in Lebanon.

The Hezbollah party is taking the biggest hit not in the south.

A major, dangerous truth will be revealed by secret investigations within Hezbollah.

It is time to change many things between Syria and the Hezbollah party.

A new breath in the main Hezbollah party centers.

European Eye On Radicalization

The Hezbollah party reveals a big secret.

The album will be searched, especially photos of people with Hassan Nasrallah.

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