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Lebanese astrologer Michel Hayek‘s predictions for 2024 have generated significant interest across the Arab world. These predictions cover various countries with striking foresight.

For Turkey, Hayek envisions a meteor impact triggering earthquakes. He sees major upheavals in Russia and Ukraine, including the potential collapse of NATO.

Egypt‘s forecast is more optimistic, promising prosperity and significant archaeological discoveries.

Lebanon might witness the rising influence of businessman Hariri.

Remarkable developments are also anticipated for Saudi Arabia, Syria, the UAE, Kuwait, and Jordan.

Hayek’s predictions offer a mix of apprehension and hope, stirring curiosity and debate among his audience.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia
Arab News

Saudi diplomacy will be the source of more than one fatal operation.

The Saudi Royal Court in breaking news.

A picture of Mohammed bin Salman turns into a problem.

A landmark operation in Mecca.

Circumsembling the Kaaba will not be traditional or familiar.

Prince Mohammed bin Salman will make a visit that will turn the table.

Saudi opposition is intensifying outside the Kingdom.



The Emir of Kuwait will be the Emir of the positive shock.

The Emir of Kuwait enters directly to end conflicts in Kuwait, even sports ones.

Judgment files are reviewed for the last time before they go to the archive.

The Emir of Kuwait is at enmity with haste and in affection with calm.

The National Assembly and the Council of Ministers: A new vision for Kuwait.

The end of corruption in Kuwait.



Al-Aqsa Mosque will be the hub.

Gaza’s wealth in the sea remains for Gaza and its people.

“Palestine from the sea to the river” will no longer be a saying in speeches.

The curse of Gaza and Palestine will fall on America and Israel.

The Palestinian nightmare will remain in the minds of the settlers in the camps.

The Qassam uniform will become a standard uniform worn by everyone.


Doha News

An unusual demonstration in Qatar.

The Emir of Qatar convinces Biden to change his mind on a Palestine-related issue.


Jessica Lee

A new constitution for Jordan.

The predictions of the King of Jordan are correct.

Jordan’s economy and tourism prevent collapse and a repetition of the past.

From the heart of the Dead Sea, life and vitality will come to Jordan.

Jordanian sports forward?

The Jordanian King is in the stadium to encourage sports.



The Sheikh of Al-Azhar will be at a crossroads.

Bassem Youssef enters the Events Stock Exchange.

Egyptian military in Palestine.

The Egyptian opposition voices will not reach the point of complete disagreement.

Mona El-Shazly and Omar Adeeb light up the Arab screen and achieve achievements at the heart of the challenges.

Strange objects wandering between the sea and the faces of Egypt.

A desire to destroy businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima.

Sultanate of Oman

Sultanate of Oman
Sky Tours

The health of the Sultan of Oman is cause for concern.


Lisi Niesner

The Israeli Military Council on the crater of a volcano.

A prisoner of Hamas will launch an anti-Israeli movement.

The Sea of Israel will not be protected.


Independence Day

2024 will be the year of duos in Lebanon.

The next stage will be: Behind every deal is a deal.

The time of dualities is coming: The airport will be two airports, Rafik Hariri Airport, and a real airport this time will be on the horizon

Banking sector: Some of them close and others merge in a new way.

Real estate sector: one investor goes, another comes.

Lebanon is embarking on a path opposite to the system.

French-style residential triangles parallel to the security squares.

The performance of public administrations is stimulated to recover from their paralysis.

Lebanon: The Renaissance is making its way towards the south.

The land of the south will come alive with thousands of expatriates and tourists.

Large deposits heading toward Lebanon.

A strike on Lebanon: “Destruction tomorrow will be built upon the next one.”

There will be a President of the Republic through a cesarean section and a magic wand from outside the appointment calendar.

Beirut will attract people with money and minds.

Beirut will be the capital of capitals again.

Downtown will return to its previous era: “Beirut in the beginning and Beirut in the end.”

The miracle that will save Lebanon is coming, and the miracle is coming through a miracle.

In Hemlaya, there will be a huge event.

Fares Saeed’s name will be prominent.

Bishop Bou Negm was between being monitored and trying to steal the spotlight.

Director General of Civil Aviation, Engineer Fadi Al-Hassan, with a stealthy appearance.

Judge Samaranda Nassar is between one file and one file causing confusion.

Focus on Father Khneisser in his terrifying weather forecasts.

Popular anger will not have mercy on political authority.

A plane touches the surface of the water.

A clan-centered movement has a high price.

Development of an oil refinery between Tripoli and Al-Zahrani.

President Michel Aoun’s agenda changes its dates, a visit of a different kind for President Michel Aoun.

Rabieh House is crowded with visitors.

The revolution will not be a memory.

The year 2024 will not be a waste of time.

Lebanon will be “empowered”

Invasion scenes in Lebanese camps.

A Lebanese ambassador carries a letter bomb.

Minister Bassam Mawlawi insists on his slogan, “Watch for you.”

A plan by a fifth-sixth side to get rid of Judge Ghada Aoun.

Retirement from political work will be complete.

The picture of Imam Musa Al-Sadr and Mrs. Rabab Al-Sadr will take center stage.

At the port, there will be two truths, not one truth.

Bhanes Center monitors an earthquake.

Alaa Al-Khoja, with new steps

Any official mourning will precede the second

A targeted deputy, whether feminine or masculine.

Paying terrorists to target politicians, artists, and businessmen.

George Wassouf’s conversation with fate is not over

Heavy-scale attack on the embassy in Awkar.

Museums in Lebanon will be shrines, especially the Nabu Museum.

Weam Wahhab will not stop at any red light.

An unprecedented event at Saint Charbel Monastery in Annaya.

The area of Maameltein in two events, one turning it into the first one, and the other turning it into a better place.

A winning card for the head of the Lebanese Forces Party, Dr. Samir Geagea, through a person close to him.

The Sunni street leads, regardless of the leader

Laila Al-Solh is on the list of names that make a difference.

A fight between the men of the Progressive Socialist Party

A strong, important appearance by Prince Talal Arslan.

Jbeil will steal the spotlight from other cities.

Security operations carried out by foreign mafias on Lebanese soil.

Solidere” is a revolution, abundance and crazy investments.

Traffic and police patrol the streets daily, not just on special occasions.

Finding treasures in Batroun and above its barren lands.

Basil Suleiman Franjieh appears from behind the scenes.

Putting the security services to the test.

Attention is turning to the Electricité du Liban Company?

President Najib Mikati, the man of surprises: surprise after surprise, even shock.

Rafic Hariri Airport: Targeting a political figure.

President Najib Mikati is facing a current that neither sinks nor floats.

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