These Canadian Cities Are Holding Solidarity Protests for Lebanon!

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October 17th is going to be remembered as a revolutionary and historic day for years and years to come. The independent protests against illogical taxes and for the demands of better living circumstances are still going strong all over Lebanon and there is no sign they’ll stop any time soon. This cause is so grand that Lebanese people across the world are eagerly participating in their cities.


While the Lebanese in Montreal held their peaceful protest on Oct 18th, at 6 PM local time, in front of the Lebanese Consulate in Outremont, the weekend will see more protests across Canada in main cities where most Lebanese-Canadians reside: Ottawa, Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary…. Five provinces so far, including Quebec!

Via Protest in Solidarity with Lebanon

OTTAWA: Under the call Protest in Solidarity with Lebanon, the manifestation in Ottawa is taking place in front of the Lebanese Embassy, on 235 Donald Street, from 12 PM to 2 PM (Oct 19). Their message states, “Come protest with us! This is our chance for our voices to be heard as the Lebanese citizens who had to pay the highest price and leave our families behind.”


VANCOUVER: Similarly, under the call Gathering for the freedom of Lebanon, our friends and Lebanese citizens in Vancouver, British Columbia will be demonstrating tomorrow Saturday, Oct 19th from 4:30 pm to 9 pm in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery, on 750 Hornby Street. 

Their message states, “Let’s have a peaceful gathering to support our families in Lebanon… The world needs to listen to our voice calling for freedom… WE ARE HERE FOR A REASON!!!”

Via @MalekAnouti


CALGARY, ALBERTA: Lebanese in Calgary are holding their protest at 2 PM on Oct 19th, in front of the Lebanese Consulate, Suite 520 1201-5th St. SW 

Via CBC Radio Canada

Their call on FB for the protest states, “A Protest in solidarity with our fellow citizens in Lebanon fighting for their rights.”


EDMONTON, ALBERTA: The Lebanese in Edmonton are calling to Stand in Solidarity with LebanonOct 19,  at 5 PM local time, in front of The Alberta Legislature, 10800 97 Avenue NW.

Via Lebanese in Edmonton

They are sending a heartwarming message to the Lebanese in Lebanon: “We see you, We hear you. We stand by you.”


TORONTO, ONTARIO: The Lebanese in Toronto will undertake their peaceful demonstration for Lebanon on Sunday, Oct 20, at 2 PM at Yonge-Dundas Square, in the heart of Toronto.

The organizer is urging everybody with the following, “We have a very important message to share with everyone attending the event: We are secular patriotic citizens calling for unity. That means no flags except for the Lebanese flag ( no logos or symbols relevant to other political parties) or the Canadian flag will be accepted at the peaceful demonstration.”

Via Xavier Caffrey‎


WINDSOR, ONTARIO: The Lebanese in Windsor will undertake their peaceful demonstration In Solidarity with Lebanon on Sunday, Oct 20, from 6 PM till Midnight on Charles Clark Square, 215 Chatham Street East, Windsor, Ontario N9A 4M7

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Their message on their FB event page states, we quote: “Over the past days, protests have developed all over Lebanon. The Lebanese government has maintained a sectarian divide amongst the people, leaving us to economic devastation, environmental catastrophe, and heartbreak over corruption. Today, the Lebanese people in Windsor invite you to march as those in Lebanon – regardless of religious & political ties. Together. Let’s fight this corruption and create the secular Lebanon we need. “


These events held by the Lebanese people in Canada, as well as across the United States, Europe, and Australia is for the purpose of being in solidarity with protestors in Lebanon, demanding changes that will rescue Lebanon from the deterioration that threatens all sectors.

This determination to make a radical positive difference, by our Lebanese people abroad as in the homeland, is fueled by decades of hardships by the Lebanese, whether in Lebanon under the severe economic crisis or abroad for having left their homes and families seeking better living conditions and means to support their families back home.

This strong bond between the Lebanese everywhere that we are witnessing these days is absolutely heartwarming and great moral support to those struggling in Lebanon. 


To our Lebanese in the diaspora, we salute you!

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