These Kids in Lebanon Are Eager for Something Special this Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, and we are all either getting ready for the long holidays or just going around in circles in an attempt to finish Christmas shopping while still making some time to revolt near Ring Bridge at night.


For this year, our Christmas is even more special than previous years, due to the uprising difficulties in the Lebanese society as a whole. Lebanon and its people have been suffering from many financial and economic crises that are only getting worse by the hour.

But the more it gets harder, the more people offer their hands to others, so it can get a little easier. People have been showing tremendous efforts in attempts to fundraise, aid, and stand by people in need.


During Christmas, kids are the first thing that comes to our mind. Even though this holiday is many things, our children’s happiness is always our main concern as we search for gifts and ways to make the holidays joyful for them.

This year, you can also be a part of the happiness of the beautiful children of Home of Hope, a humanitarian organization that serves the misfortunate, abused, abandoned, and orphaned children in Lebanon.

Via Home of Hope Lebanon


It was established by the Lebanese Evangelical Society (LES) in 1999 in the spirit of the National Convention of the Rights of the Child, which specifies a child’s right to survival, development, protection, and participation.​

The work and programs done at Home of Hope are as great as it can get, but the home is still underfunded, which prevents people in charge from achieving all the goals set for the kids. 

Via Home of Hope


With all the unsettling events going on in Lebanon, these kids need our help now more than ever. They love people and they love to spend time with people, and they love it when people get them cupcakes and cookies.

And now with all the distress around every corner, the news they see on TV makes them worry about their own future and where they will end up.


The help they might want is not major; none of them ask for phones or horses. Many times, they just want someone to hold their hands and tell them that it is going to be OK.

Many of the kids living at Home of Hope await Christmas for its festive spirit and the generosity of people’s donations, which is why this year is no different. Kids are rolled up in their reindeer PJs and are writing their list for Santa; a list asking for endless supplies of chocolate and tricks to stay up an extra hour at night.

Via Home of Hope


It can be a bag of popcorn, a hug, a beanie, or a little gesture of help for the administration. Any and all help matters and can make a difference in the hearts of these little ones. Let us make the holidays this year a little happier to all souls around Lebanon.

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In a country like Lebanon, where the people always lean on each other for safety, we all remain optimistic and ready to offer our shoulders to anyone who might need it. Which is why if we are unable to help, we are always ready to pray. Pray for Lebanon, for its children, and for its future. 


Home of Hope is located in Beirut, and their contact number is +961 5 769 664

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