These Lebanese Lawyers Are Offering Free Legal Service to Victims of Domestic Violence

It is no secret that domestic violence is still a real social and legal issue in Lebanon, and activism is still ongoing. In some cases, women tend to remain quiet, which worsens their situation, for their silent submission nurtures the violent behaviors. However, in other cases, they tend to break the social taboo and seek help from different NGOs and lawyers. In light of the increasing number of cases of violence against women, several lawyers took the initiative to step in and help free of charge.


The initiative started on the 14th of August when the Lebanese Lawyer Omar El Koush posted on Facebook that he will be offering legal services for free for victims of domestic violence. He mentioned that he would defend any woman, mother, wife, or even a daughter, and make the case a public one and ensure that the abuser regrets ever harming a woman.

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Just the very next day, on August 15, other lawyers joined him in his initiative, as El Koush informed the public via a Facebook post. We are not talking about a few lawyers, but about some dozens across Lebanon. It is as if so many were waiting for just one person to be bold enough to step up, and here is the list of names of these noble lawyers according to the provinces:



  1. Omar El Koush 03738327
  2. Mohamad Yamout 71116115
  3. Mohammed Ziad Ibrahim Jaafil 03818645
  4. Jihad Abou Amo 03682750
  5. Samer Ghalayini 03334884
  6. Fady Saad 03943431
  7. Tammam Itani 03018040
  8. Jehad Majzoub 03680662
  9. Michel Flah

South Lebanon

  1. Bassel Miniato 03409030
  2. Mohammed El Hariri 70010139
  3. Hoda Mohamed Al Mallah 03111770
  4. Nadim Koubar 03582291
  5. Ahmad Aakoum 70551022


  1. Hiba Farhat 03686038
  2. Ahmad Jammal 03555838
  3. Hayat Zeineddine
  4. Jana Rahime


  1. Walid Hindi 03432208
  2. Raed Soukarieh 03337243
  3. Maher Bayan 70080885
  4. Ahmad Salem 03567833


  1. Marwan Daher 03646156

North Lebanon

  1. Kosty Issa 03813360
  2. Firas Al Cheikh 71993350
  3. Dania Abou Melhem 76072076
  4. Sami Al Hassan 03801026

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It is important to mention that KAFA, the leading Lebanese NGO advocating for women’s rights, receives 2,600 calls in its domestic abuse helpline each year. KAFA’S analysis of media reports shows 62 reported cases of violence against women between 2010 and 2015.

Also, 25 women were killed by family members between 2010 and 2013, and four women died in 2014. According to a survey conducted in 2016, 31 percent of women in Lebanon had experienced intimate partner violence, and 24 percent of men claimed responsibility for it.


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Although many campaigns and efforts are done regarding this dramatic issue, much more awareness needs to spread. People need to know how to act in case of being victims of violence or even witnessing a kind of violence. No woman should be a victim of social taboos and gender inequalities. 

You may not be a victim of violence, but some woman out there is. Whether it’s you or someone you know, don’t hesitate in seeking legal services to defend the right to living freely, with no harm. 


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