These Lebanese Protesters Remained Environmentally Conscious Amidst the Chaos

Since Thursday, October the 17th, we have witnessed some tires being burnt and an enormous number of people on the streets of Lebanon; some of which have turned their anger to messing up around, and not in ways we can agree with at all. However, many care too much about Lebanon and the environment, so they are taking the initiative to clean up and pick everything up while the protests are ongoing. 


It is normal for trash to pile up amidst all the chaos and dynamic crowds taking place across Lebanon, plus the burning tires in some places (though fires are rarely in sight today).  But people on the streets are down there for a reason, and that reason is that they actually love and care about their country, and it shows now more than ever.

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Those awesome protesters also made sure to get the message across through holding signs that encourage people to be environmental. They even put recycling bins in the heart of every gathering.  


Lebanese people are angry and excited and spontaneous at the moment. Just three days ago, they were going through the worst times for… decades, and without hope. Now, during these past few days, they are finally getting to voice out without restrictions their pain and demands for a better Lebanon.

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For many, it has been the time of their lives. Everyone feels free, and adrenaline is on its peak for everyone walking through the Ressurection of the nation.


So, we understand that you just want to do everything, throw stuff around and burn it all, but just remember that this fight is for a better Lebanon and this is accomplished not only through governmental change, but also through each one of us citizens. Make sure to take a garbage bag with you to the protests and if you trip over a can of soda, please, pick it up.

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We encourage everyone to stand for what they believe, that’s your right for freedom, and freedom comes with responsibilities and respect towards others and your environment.


We are protesting for a better Lebanon, let’s that starts with us, maintaining our roads clean and the properties around unscathed. These are properties owned by people like you and me who are in this hardship together. Let’s not add to the burden they share with us.

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Protests can be garbage-free. Please do not litter, and do pick up around you for the sake of Lebanon. We appreciate you! 


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