Man Gets Robbed Of 60 Million LBP & More While Repairing His Car In Beirut

Thief In Lebanon Steals LBP 60 Million From A Man Who Was Repairing His Car

A man has been arrested in Lebanon for stealing the money and belongings of an unsuspecting person who was waiting for his car to be fixed.

On May 7th, the 43-year-old victim of the theft, M.F., filed a complaint at the Beirut Police Unit against an unknown person, the Internal Security Forces (ISF) said in a statement on Friday.

The plaintiff had lost a bag that contained 60 million Lebanese pounds, a checkbook, and a laptop, which he had put next to the place where he was having his car repaired, in Gemmayzeh.

Upon receiving the complaint, security forces launched an investigation, eventually identifying a suspect: M.M. (28, Lebanese). He was detained and interrogated, but he initially only confessed to having stolen the laptop.

He admitted to the rest after being presented with the evidence proving his involvement. He said that he had stolen the bag with all of its contents and that he had hidden the money in the trunk of his sister’s car before burning the remaining documents.

The ISF said the money and the laptop were returned to their owner, while the detainee was transferred to the competent judicial reference.