Thieves Are Now Stealing Train Tracks In Lebanon (Video)

Lebanon The Dream | Al-Jazeera

Desperate times call for desperate measures. That much is true in Lebanon as it witnesses the worst economic collapse in modern history.

With the economic crisis, some people in Lebanon, whether Lebanese or not, have resorted to making money from the sale of metal scraps.

After taking apart graveyards and stealing manhole or sewage drain covers (putting people and cars at risk), thieves have now set their eyes on Lebanon‘s historic train tracks.

With no one to stop them, thieves simply pieced apart railway tracks, loaded them in a truck, and drove away in broad daylight:

The train tracks, albeit unused, are a part of Lebanon‘s history and a dream the Lebanese people hold on to as they continue to hope that the state will bring back the railways into operation.

After all, the state has been dedicating a considerable annual amount for that long-stagnant infrastructure; 16,000,000,000 LBP in 2020 as declared in Lebanon’s official budget.

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