7 Things You Already Know About Summers In Lebanon!

Whether you live in Lebanon or you’re visiting from abroad, you should know one thing: summers in Lebanon are not only awesome, but they are quite unique.

These are the 7 things about summers in Lebanon!

#1 You reunite with your roommates

I’m talking about the mosquitoes that never leave your room at night. They also like to treat you with symphonies right after you dive in a deep sleep. This is exactly when your room turns into a tennis court where you’re trying to kill all of them with your precious bug zapper racket. Hey, at least you’re exercising!

#2 You get to spend time with your fans

#3 You enter shops to cool down

Bless the stores that have a good air conditioning system. As soon as you enter these stores, you’ll start searching for the air conditioner and stand right in front of it. Of course, the salesman/ saleswoman will approach you and ask you if you need any help and you will pretend to be interested in buying something. Awkward.

#4 You don’t have excuses to avoid meeting with relatives

If you go to school or university and have nothing to do during summer, that’s a bummer, because you do not have a relevant excuse to avoid meeting relatives. I guess all you have to do is to pretend that you’re sleeping when they are over at your place. You’ll get stuck in your room for hours. It’s not like you have never done it.

#5 Your diet mainly consists of bzourat

Whether you’re lying on the beach or relaxing on your balcony, you are eating bzourat which is a summer essential in Lebanon. And, oh! You have enough bzourat in your kitchen to feed the entire nation.

#6 Your cool cousins from abroad pay you a visit

They do not only come to Lebanon to visit their family but also to explore Lebanon so you become their guide and tour Lebanon everytime they are visiting. Also, they bring with them cool gifts from Duty-Free like giant KitKats or mini Nutella jars!

#7 You have to get a tan

Not being tanned in Lebanon during summer is social suicide. People will ask you why you’re not tanned yet, and the annoying ones will put their arms right next to yours and tell you that their skin color is better than yours. If you want to get a nice tan, at least make sure you do it the right way.


#8 You do not sleep

In summer, Lebanon does not sleep at all! The days are for fun and the nights are for parties. So your body does not get the sleep it needs.

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