The 7 Things That Beirut Is Good At!


online conversation about Lebanon

is usually negative. So for a change, let’s look at the positive side of things starting with Beirut!

Here are 7 things that Beirut is good at!

#1 Food

You already know that Lebanese food is one of the best cuisines in the world.

Travel & Leisure

ranked Beirut first place under the “

Best International Cities for Food

” for 2016.

#2 Fashion

The fashion scene in Lebanon is out of this world. Most people look like they just got out of a fashion magazine. Not only Lebanese people do have a great sense of fashion, but

Lebanese designers

also stand out on an international level. Elie Saab, Zuhair Murad, Krikor Jabotian, and several other world-renowned fashion designers are based in Beirut.

#3 Banking

The power of the banking sector in Lebanon makes the latter the “Switzerland of the Middle East”. Also, the Central Bank has a massive reserve of foreign currency. So in the case of any crisis, Lebanese people should not fear of losing their money. In addition to that,

4 Lebanese banks were ranked among the top 100 companies in the Middle East


#4 Nightlife

No matter what your style is, you will certainly have a blast in Beirut’s nightclubs and pubs. However, you should know that

the nightlife in Beirut

is specifically designed for party animals.

#5 Archeological sites

Beirut is mostly a modern city. However, the layers under it hide ancient civilizations! Excavations in downtown Beirut resulted in the finding of the first law school in the world and Roman baths. Beirut was known as the “Mother of Laws” in the Roman Empire.

#6 Rising like a phoenix

Just like a Phoenix, Beirut got destroyed and rebuilt 7 times! Our favorite city is a living proof that what doesn’t kill you (or in this case, what almost kills you) makes you



#7 Coexistence

It is true that a conflict between Christians and Muslims divided Beirut during the

Lebanese civil war

but tell me where you can find a mosque and a church standing right next to each other. The heart of Beirut embraces coexistence and diversity.


#8 Being wonderful

In 2015, Beirut was listed among the New7Wonder Cities. The Business Insider described the winners as “The New Urban Wonders of the World”.

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