7 Things That Did Not Change In Lebanon Since 2012!

While the world evolves every day… and countries’ officials compete with each other on how best to perform in their positions, we in Lebanon have things stuck in such a time loop that they’re becoming iconic. Here are 7 of them:

#1 Roads

When will the roads in Lebanon get asphalted when it is needed and not only before municipal elections?

#2 Electricity is like this

The power outage in Lebanon is the definition of commitment; it goes like clockwork. Go on and visit all the countries in the world: you will never find electricity that operates better than a fine Swiss watch.

#3 Lebanese series

Lebanese producers and directors should have learned already that women do not wake up with makeup on and that people do not have fancy breakfasts.

#4 Governmental procedures

Doing paperwork is by far the most hated thing in Lebanon. If you’ve never been in a ministry to do some procedures, here’s a brief explanation of the hell that people go through. It’s like playing snakes and ladders; you keep climbing and falling.

The first person you meet on the ground floor will send you to the third floor. Then another person will tell you to go to the second floor. And from floors to doors the mumbo jumbo goes on. If you are lucky enough (or have wasta), you might get your paperwork done by the end of the shift… in the coming days or weeks.

#5 Internet

It’s still slow but not slower than politicians deciding on a new electoral law or making reforms.

#6 Traffic

It’s better to get used to traffic jams and start getting used to spending most of your time in your car.

#7 Our great sense of humor

This is the only thing that should never change. Laughing off things that make us mad is our coping mechanism.

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