7 Things That Happen After Ramadan Series Are Over In Lebanon!

Ramadan is over and life is back to normal. Well, it’s not exactly normal. You’re in a weird phase. Living in series for a month is making it difficult to get used to reality.

These 7 things sum up our post-Ramadan life!

#1 Sadness

Sorrow takes over Lebanon because the soap operas are over. Lebanese people feel they have lost the meaning of life.

#2 Invasion of memes

Ramadan also happens to be the month where the internet is invaded by memes related to series. Some of them are temporary, others will last forever like this one.

#3 Traffic gets back to normal

Just when you started to get used to the relaxing empty roads, traffic jams are back again like:

#4 You do not have plans in the evenings

In Ramadan, the evenings are dedicated to series. Now that you have nothing to do, you start thinking about the purpose of life and suddenly realize that you are a lazy person.

#5 It’s harder to find topics of discussion

Starting conversations during the month of Ramadan was the easiest thing ever; all you had to do is ask the person you’re having a conversation with if they’re watching any series. If yes, then you’re going to share theories. If no, you’ll bother them by telling them the plots of the series you’re following.

#6 The fashion scene in Lebanon changes

We laugh a lot about how

Lebanese series

are illogical. However, we cannot deny that some actors and actresses look extremely gorgeous! So guys will most probably hit the gym and grow a beard, and girls will visit the hair salon and go shopping.

#7 You go through breakups

It’s time to end your imaginary relationship with your favorite actor or actress since you won’t be able to see each other anymore. You’ll find someone in the real world, or better yet, you’ll start stalking your “ex” on social media.


#8 You eventually move on

Healing requires time and patience. Moving on is a hard process, but you will eventually forget about these series. No, you will not get engaged in a useful activity. You will make it worse by getting attached to another one. Eid Mubarak!

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