These 6 Things In Lebanon Make Less Sense Than Trump’s Covfefe!

Social media users forgot about fidget spinners and the internet is currently distracted with Donald Trump’s recent tweet which contained the alien word “covfefe”. So what is covfefe? The world spent days trying to figure it out. It made absolutely no sense. Here are the things in Lebanon that make less sense than covfefe:

#1 There was no president in Lebanon for over 2 years!

#2 The Lebanese parliament is self-renewable

Our parliament has renewed itself several times – without elections. Our system is not corrupted,

au contraire

, we just like to recycle. Join the cause!

#3 Trash river

We know how to recycle politicians and parliaments. However, we do not know how to recycle trash. That’s why we invented something that is definitely patentable: a trash river. How cool is that?  

#4 Presidential elections = the biggest joke in history

Elections are a big deal in the world. But in Lebanon, things are always different.

#5 Train drivers in Lebanon are still getting paid

Now you’re going to say that train drivers should be paid for their hard work. It’s true, except for the fact that there are no trains in Lebanon! Trains stopped working in the 1970’s due to the civil war. The

railway system in Lebanon

is currently abandoned.

#6 A strategic bridge

Did you know that there is a bridge in the middle of the highway in Lebanon? So you’re basically driving and there is this bridge that clearly should not be there. P.S. Turns out ‘covfefe’ was a typo for coverage.

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