7 Things That Lebanese People Do In Airports!

While regular tourists wear comfy clothes and sleep on the benches in airports, Lebanese tourists choose to… be Lebanese! Lebanese add their special touch to everything they do, even in being a tourist at the airport!

Here are the 7 things that Lebanese people do in airports!

#1 Carry the biggest luggage

Even if it’s a 4-day trip to Ayia Napa, Lebanese people will pack their entire closet because they are not your average tourists. You simply cannot make them wear cargo shorts, tourist sandals, or fanny packs because “chou bi oulo 3anna l nes?” Also, there are those tourists that like being extra so they match all their suitcases.

#2 Dress like they’re going to a fashion show

The motto of an average Lebanese tourist at any airport is: “The airport is my runway”. Their outfits should be on point from head to toe.

#3 Try using their wasta

A typical Lebanese person knows someone who works at the airport. They use these connections to avoid paying for extra luggage.

#4 Shop the entire Duty-Free

Taking into consideration that merchandises are cheaper in Duty-Free, Lebanese tourists carry a long list of things they want to buy for their relatives and friends.  

#5 Take a photo shoot in the VIP lounge

Lebanese people who are flying first class feel the need to make the world know that they have access to the VIP lounge. This is usually done by posting a picture on Instagram and Facebook with the location.

#6 Show off their foreign passports

Besides reminding us that they have a dual citizenship on their bios on social media, they also post pictures of their foreign passports along with their tickets. They believe having a dual citizenship makes them Mr. Worldwide.

#7 Complain about the price of the bottle of water

Lebanese people will spend all their savings in Duty-Free, buy a first-class ticket, and complain about the price of the bottle of water.


#8 Get greeted by everyone they know

On their way back to Lebanon, their relatives and friends will be waiting at the airport with balloons and flowers… even if it was a two-day trip.

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