7 things Lebanese dog owners can relate to

Lebanon witnessed a series of dog poisoning in several regions last week. Heartbreaking 


 have been posted online, and activists are hardly working on protecting animals despite the fact that an 

Animal Protection and Welfare Law

 is already in place. Due to the recent events, we thought we’d write an article about the things that Lebanese dog owners relate to!

We need more parks

As soon as you get a dog, you realize that there aren’t enough parks in Lebanon, let alone parks that allow dogs. Our furry animals need areas where we can safely walk with them. Dogs also need to interact with other dogs in animal-friendly places.

“Ma t2oul(e) yo2borne la kalbak/kalbik!”

Go figure out why.

There aren’t enough green spaces in Lebanon

https://www.instagram.com/p/1qLA5ttTzn/?taken-by=justagrainofsalt Parks are cool; however, dogs also need to walk and run in open green spaces. Unfortunately, new buildings are taking over woods and forests. Green areas are important for humans and animals. Dog owners are very much aware of the environmental situation in Lebanon. The narrow sidewalks make it hard to walk dogs comfortably.

Lebanese dogs are cool

  What’s cooler than a dog that understands three languages? Nothing.

Your dog’s safety is not 100% guaranteed

  Despite the fact that an Animal Protection and Welfare Law is in place in Lebanon, there are lots of municipalities that poison stray dogs. So, walking your dog means constantly checking the ground to make sure there isn’t any poison.

Humans bark more than dogs

  Some people actually believe that when they bark at a dog and he/she barks back means that the pet is communicating. Max is not talking to you; he just thinks you’re weird.

“Ana w ma 3ande passport ajnabe!”

  A lot of dogs have foreign passports because they were adopted from abroad. As soon as people realize this, they envy the dog because the Lebanese passport cannot get you to a lot of places without a visa.