10+ Things Lebanese Moms Tell Their Kids In Winter

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As soon as the weather gets cold outside, our mothers immediately jump in and start giving us their yearly winter-long advice (more like commands) to keep us warm and safe.

Coming to think about it, our mothers probably do this so they don’t have to deal with us nagging if we catch a cold. Some of these things, she says on a daily basis!

But after all, as everyone knows, mothers know best! So without further ado, here are a few things Lebanese moms tell their kids every winter:

#1 “Take a jacket with you”

It doesn’t matter if it’s cold or not, she will stop you at the door to say this, even if the jacket will ruin your cute outfit. She doesn’t care about your outfit. You need to start layering up!

#2 “Are you wearing a ‘flanella‘?”

She will shamelessly pull your shirt up to make sure you’re wearing an undershirt/singlet and that it’s tucked in! No matter how uncomfortable, never try to defy her.

#3 “Dry your hair out of the shower”

Moms can’t stand the sight of wet hair, especially in winter. She’s convinced it’ll make you sick if you don’t dry it several times even if the house is warm. Good luck dealing with your poofy hair.

#4 “Never leave the house after a shower”

Leaving the house after a shower is like suicide, at least to your Lebanese mother. You can forget about your plans. Hack: plan your showers at night.

#5 “Don’t eat ice cream”

You might crave ice cream on a rainy day. Just don’t tell your mom about it because if you get sick she’ll give you the “I told you so” look.

#6 “Don’t drink cold water”

Your mom will tell you that drinking cold water in winter, like eating ice cream, will automatically make you sick.

#7 “Don’t sit on the floor”

Sitting on the floor will give you a tummy ache, according to your Lebanese mom.

#8 “Wear socks”

She will get chills at the sight of your bare feet and yell at you to wear socks. Guess why? She’s right. You’ll get sick if your feet are cold.

#9 “Stop walking barefoot”

If you walk around the house barefoot, she might run after you with slippers – to wear of course (or maybe also to spank you).

#10 “Have vitamin C”

She’s your personal nutritionist and doctor, and she’ll take any opportunity to tell you to stock up on oranges, tangerines, and lemons to ward off a cold.

#11 “Eat a spoonful of honey every morning”

Lebanese mothers will swear by the antibacterial properties of a spoonful of honey. It’s a winter must-have.

#12 “Drive slowly, the roads are slippery”

“Sou2 3a mahlak” is a phrase every Lebanese has heard from their mother at one point regardless of the season but it’s most common in winter especially after the first rain when roads are slippery or during very rainy days.

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