10 Things Your Lebanese Mother Probably Told You Growing Up

Lebanese moms are known for being loving, caring, and protective of their children. They are often very involved in their children’s lives and will do everything in their power to ensure their happiness and success.

They are often the glue that holds the family unit together and are also known for their strong personalities and their ability to speak their minds.

Lebanese mothers are very vocal and are not afraid to share their opinions on literally everything, and of course, everything they say you know is coming from good intentions that are truly heartwarming.

In honor of mothers day, here are 10 sayings Lebanese mothers do tell their kids:

“Fi Akel Bel Beit”


Lebanese mom’s response every time you exclaim you want to order food or stop by a Mcdonald’s is that there is food at home. That food consists of the Labneh you had for breakfast of the leftover mujaddara you had for lunch. But it’s really cute the things she is willing to do to help you save some money.



Every Lebanese kid knows the feeling of asking their mothers for something and they say “menshouf/Inshallah”

Long story short, that means no, especially if it’s about going out, but at the end of the day you just know they are just worried about your safety and overly thinking about everything.

“Ma hada bse3edne bhal beit”


Lebanese mothers are strong women that are independent in everything, especially in the household.

That is not a bad thing yet they refuse to ask for help even if they need it, they won’t accept your offer to help them, but they still exclaim that no one helps them around the house!

“Li Ma 3ajabo Ma Yekol”


How do you even dare to exclaim to your mother who just spent two hours cooking, that you don’t like the food?

Spoiler alert! She doesn’t care if you do and will serve you the food and expects you to eat it even if she just said declared the infamous statement that” if someone doesn’t like the food, they shouldn’t eat it”.

“Le 3am Tsou2 Hal2ad Bser3a”


You can just start the car and you know that your mom will tell you to slow down.

She will be on edge the entire drive, grasping her seatbelt and yelling at you to slow down even if you are going below the speeding limit.

“Dob l 2ouda Jeyin Dyouf”

You understand that she is cleaning around because guests are coming, but you will never understand why your Lebanese mom will make you clean your room as if they are going to dine in it.

It maybe is an excuse to get you to clean it.

” Ya Lbsayne Ya Ana Bel beit”


Lebanese mothers will “never” approve of having a pet in the house and will fight you about it all the time.

yet, the second that fluffy baby comes in the house, trust me they will treat them as if they are their children and will love them more than you.

“Shrabo Yensoun”


Do you have a headache? Shrub yansoun. Do you have a stomach ache? Shrub yansoun.

Are you mentally exhausted? well, shrub yansoun.

Lebanese mothers will prescribe you to drink yansoun for any illness you might have, we just assume because it’s a hot drink that can warm you up because will it really help with my headache? Probably not, but it’s the thought that counts.

“Ya Di3an Lterbeye”


Lebanese mothers will express their disappointment in the time and effort they have invested in raising you, and may even shame you for something as trivial as wearing ripped jeans or attending a party with friends.

“Ma Hada Byarif 2imte”


You know that even after the smallest argument or disagreement, your Lebanese mother will always exclaim that no one knows her worth.

Like mom, what does that have to do with me not liking Bemye?

All jokes aside, we really don’t know the worth of our Lebanese mothers, they have truly been through a lot and will do whatever it takes to ensure your happiness and safety.

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