8 Things Lebanese Parents Say Way Too Much!

Lebanese parents have a unique way of talking to their children, and that includes a series of sentences that sometimes make no sense.

Here are 8 things Lebanese people are tired of hearing from their parents!

#1 “You don’t know how to drink coffee”

According to them, Lebanese coffee is the only real coffee. Of course, it has a special place in their hearts but they need to stop being judgmental about people’s coffee choices.

Their reactions to an Americano are similar to the Italians’ reactions when Starbucks first opened in Italy: full of disgust.

#2 “Read a book and write a summary about it”

You shivered every time you heard this sentence when you were a child. Whether you like reading or not, you cannot deny the fact that this task is annoying. It’s most probably the idea of the “tante” next door that likes to get involved in your business.

#3 “Back in our days”

This sentence introduces you to long stories from the past. e.g. To your “Dad, it’s just a C! I can make it up…” it’s always something along the line of: “Back in our days we used to go to school on foot.” Grab this guide to understand Lebanese parents!

#4 “If your friend throws himself/herself off a balcony, will you do the same thing?”

Lebanese parents love to create a drama out of nothing. If you ask for permission to do a simple thing that your friend is also doing but they do not approve of, they will use their “let’s ask a question that makes no sense” card.

#5 “Do your friends do that?!”

They do not want you to copy your friends, yet, they want you to do it. Understanding them is pretty confusing.

#6 “Take a jacket with you”

There is nothing wrong with asking your loved ones to wear a jacket for fear that they might get sick. It’s just annoying when your parents ask you to do that when it’s extremely hot outside.

#7 “It’s all because of the air conditioner”

Lebanese parents believe that the air conditioner is the root of all evil. They like to blame it whenever they get the opportunity. Are you sick? Blame the AC. Did you break your hand? Blame the AC.  

What is the main factor that started the Middle Eastern crisis? The AC!

#8 “Fi devoirs de vacances?”

Lebanese kids freak out every time they hear this sentence. Come on, it’s summer! Why spoil the fun with “e3rab” and math?


#9 “Allah ma3ak/ma3ik habibe/habibte”

It’s not something we’re tired of hearing; we love it when our parents bless us whenever we want to do something. Here’s to the kindness of Lebanese parents!

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8 Things Lebanese Parents Say Way Too Much!

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