The 7 Things You Can Only Find In Lebanon!


What makes it hard for people to feel like they are in Lebanon when they are abroad are unique things that they can only find back home. Whether they are positive or negative, they are homey and a part of Lebanon.

Here are 7 things that make Lebanon unique!

#1 Storms have (Russian?) names in Lebanon

Norma Storm hits Lebanon – Source: IFRC

Because how else would you call them? They are usually female Russian names: Olga, Natasha, Alexa… Mainly because these storms come from Russia? And of course, just like everything else that happens in Lebanon, we have to make a huge deal about storms.

Students get excited about not going to school, and everyone on social media keeps talking about the severe weather and posting pictures of the storm. We can’t help ourselves; we love drama!

#2 Flexible delivery services

Our “ma ele jlede” procrastinating attitude can be easily pleased with the delivery services that every shop and restaurant offers. You can ask the delivery guy that will deliver your grocery to pass by the drug store and buy you medication. Anything is possible in Lebanon.

#3 Members of the parliament who do not show up at meetings

Andalou Agency

The future of Lebanon lies in their hands, yet, most of them do not show up to meetings. Guess we need an attendance policy in our Parliament, too!

#4 Abu Kees

American parents have Supernanny to rely on when they want to control their kids. It’s a nanny that will spend several days at the house of the little rebels and work on their behavior. Lebanese parents “ain’t got no time for dat” so they just convince their kids that Abu Kees will come and put them in a trash bag if they do not behave themselves.

#5 Electricity hacks

If you have never done it, then you are certainly a victim of it. If you reside in Lebanon, you must have certainly heard of the “water and salt syringe” technique to steal electricity from people. I guess what high school teachers say about chemistry being useful in our daily lives is not a myth after all.

#6 An infinite amount of potholes on roads in Lebanon

Do you remember the car racing video games that involved obstacles that you used to play in your childhood? These were purely educational. You were unconsciously getting prepared for driving on the roads in Lebanon. While these potholes reflect the irresponsibility of the government, let’s convince ourselves that they are bugs bunny’s houses.

#7 Amazing customer service at restaurants

The customer is a king in restaurants in Lebanon. When it comes to bakeries or small Lebanese restaurants, you get a personalized service because the owner of the place and the waiters know you very well. You can go there and eat while discussing what is new in your life. It’s like going to a salon… that has food! And let’s not forget that they are generous!


#8 Words of wisdom on trucks


Being stuck in traffic is a way to gain wisdom in Lebanon: all you have to do is to read the quotes that are written on the back of trucks.

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