10 things that happen at Lebanese weddings

It’s wedding season! We have a love-hate relationship with this time of the year because Lebanese weddings are so extra!


Lebanese wedding dresses usually weight a ton, and the cake is ten stories high.

“3a2belik” / “3a2belak”

You meet people you’ve never seen in your life

People greet you, and you pretend you know them while actually, you have no idea who they are.

Overdressed people

Attending a Lebanese wedding costs a kidney and your soul.

“Smalla chou kebran(e)”

Well yeah, the last time you saw me was at my first communion.

Car parades

The cars are usually very fancy.


Dabke is the best part of all Lebanese parties! Earlier this year, two police officers came to raid a Lebanese wedding in New South Wales, but the guests distracted them with dabke.

Watch the video here.


The number one reason why some people throw small wedding parties is to avoid ungrateful people. Some guests criticize everything: the food, the music, the dancers, etc. and keep talking and gossiping about the wedding for a year. Is getting a life that hard?

Photo shoots and selfies

Some people take the opportunity that they look on fleek and take thousands of selfies to post them on Instagram.

You go broke

Because attending Lebanese weddings is an expensive activity.

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