7 Things That Perfectly Describe Your Lebanese Teta!

If you have a Lebanese teta (grandma), you’re quite a lucky person. From remembering the smallest of details about you…to caring too much, she adds a magical sparkle to your life!

Here are 7 things about your Lebanese teta!

#1 Her food is out of this world

She never took cooking classes and does not follow a recipe, yet, she is the best cook you know!

#2 You can never refuse to eat her food

Even if you feel full and your stomach cannot handle one more bite, you won’t say no when your granny offers you food because you know you’ll break her precious heart if you say no.

#3 She disappoints you sometimes

“Ento jil nylon!” Right, it’s always disappointing to hear that you are from the weak “nylon generation” but that’s always a good reminder that you ought to toughen up, and embrace your challenges.

After all, when she goes into “when I was young, I used to walk to school under the rain and I wouldn’t get sick” it’s kind of humbling. (or maybe the rain wasn’t polluted back then?)

#4 There are no rules at her place

Her house is a free zone! Things that are not allowed at your place are allowed at hers. And when your parents tell you to behave yourself, your teta will tell them,” Leave them alone, they’re just kids, they’re not bothering me.”

#5 She’s a crochet enthusiast

Her house is made of crochet. You can find crochet everywhere: on the TV set, on the dining table, on lamps…

#6 She always reminds you that her generation was healthier


According to her, you’re too young to have a headache. Diseases have some sort of an age limit. Our lifestyle is the leading factor that negatively impacts our health. Back in her days, the food was healthier, kids used to play outside all the time, and people did not use Dettol.

#7 Her friends know all the positive things about you

She is so proud of you that she always talks about you in front of her friends. You’re just a little perfect munchkin that makes teta proud!


#8 She misses old Beirut

She always talks about how safer Beirut was before. Roads were more organized, everything was cheaper, and people were happier. Of course, she misses the days when Beirut had a tramway.

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