7 Things That Will Remind You Of Your Lebanese Childhood!

Whether you grew up in Lebanon or were born to a Lebanese family abroad, these are some of the things that make up your Lebanese childhood!

#1 Turtlenecks

What is this thing that Lebanese parents have with turtlenecks anyway? We had to wear turtlenecks underneath everything, and we felt that we were choking.

#2 Birthdays in McDonald’s or Burger King

“C’est l’anniversaire de qui, les enfants? » Admit it, you read that in the typical voice of the “animatrices”. Say hello to your old pals!

#3 Abou Kis

You basically used to shiver when you heard his name. How does he look? It depends on your imagination!

#4 Super Mario 

Oh how much we loved to play Super Mario! And when your mom told you to “tseyir” your little sibling, cousin or neighbor and let them play, you let them to be Luigi!

#5 Ka3ek and bonjus

The “tout tout” of “3ammo Ka3ek” is what kids waited for all day long. It is essential to eat a Ka3ek along with a Bonjus (by the way, it tastes nothing like fruit).

Of course, we had to  blow the juice box and step on it to hear the satisfactory little explosion that melted our hearts. If the juice box did not pop, we made several attempts until it worked, pretty much like a failed high five, but in the Lebanese way.

#6 “Kelloun 3andoun siyarat w jedde 3ando hmar”

We used to sing this song anytime and anywhere. It’s the Lebanese childhood’s anthem!

#7 Family Visits

Holidays are that time of the year where we have to visit relatives. Some of them are cool, and others are basically strangers who ask you if you remember them when they met you when you were 6 months old.

And oh, the “tantes” have to kiss you and leave their permanent lipstick on your face. Let’s not forget about our aunts that know everything about us.

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