7 Things That Summarize A Day In The Life Of A Driver In Lebanon!

Driving in Lebanon is a combination of weird bridges, bad roads, endless traffics, and lots of WTF moments. So it’s a crazy experience that literally drives you insane.

#1 You learned to drive before you hit puberty

Lebanese people learn how to drive early. Why? Not because Lebanese parents are cool, but because we need a lot of time to get used to the crazy roads in Lebanon, especially to this bridge which is located in the middle of the highway.

#2 The driving test is worthless

You have to memorize tons of road signs that half of them barely exist in Lebanon. And all you have to do during the test is to do basic things like parking.

#3 You probably bought your driver license

It’s not like those fake licenses that you see in movies, the ones in Lebanon are totally legit.

#4 Traffic in Lebanon

No matter how much you try to outsmart everyone and try to take shortcuts, everyone knows the tricks so it’s pretty much difficult to avoid traffic. So you either spend some time at the mall, or you listen to the radio. And for those who always get stuck in the traffic with their parents, you probably know all the words of Ziad Al Rahbani’s plays.

#5 Lebanese drivers self-manage the road traffic


Whenever there’s traffic, the first thing that Lebanese people say is: “I’m sure it’s because of a police officer”. We do not have traffic lights, proper road signs, and well-asphalted roads but we know how to manage the traffic by ourselves.

#6 You’re a driving champion

You can basically drive anywhere in the world since you’ve been through the worst.

#7 You know the best times for driving

The first thing you learn about driving in Lebanon is to avoid going to Beirut in the morning and avoid going to Faraya during winters on weekends. There is a mental schedule of all the traffic peak hours in your head.


#8 You plan your day according to several factors

Street lights, traffic, and the weather should be well-synchronized. If not, you won’t be able to go out. If the power cut is at 6 PM, you either: A) Cancel your plan B) Come back home after midnight (because the power will be back at 12 AM and the street light will be on). P.S. Include “effective management” on your CV!

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