14 Things To Do In Lebanon That Won’t Cost You A Dime

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For some, the best things in life are free. Money gives us access to many things, but sometimes, we don’t need it to enjoy certain activities.

Most activities in Lebanon are accessible through money but others are not. Leave your wallets at home and refer to these cool things you can enjoy in Lebanon for free.

#1 Enjoy the Rene Mouawad Garden in Beirut

After a tiring day at work, one needs to relax and take a deep breath. One of the best places to do so is Rene Mouawad Garden in Beirut; this charming place encompasses beautiful greenery and a fun playground to bring your little ones along.

#2 Spend the day at Tyre public beach

The sound of water is perhaps the most soothing, especially during hot days. Tyre Beach in the south is renowned for its cleanness, sandy shore, and free entrance. A day spent at the beach is a day well spent.

#3 Have some fun with your friends in Horsh Beirut

Located in the heart of Beirut, Horsh is a famous urban park made available for locals and tourists alike to enjoy. This green space is also known as Horsh El Snaubar, meaning “Pine Forest”. It is a great spot for painting, relaxing, reading a book, taking photos, and even for a picnic with friends and family.

#4 Head to El Manara for an enjoyable stroll

One cannot visit the capital without passing by the Corniche. This seaside promenade is in the Central District of Beirut. It showcases views of the Mediterranean and the summits of Mount Lebanon to the east. Not to forget that it is lined with beautiful pine trees to admire while taking a stroll.

#5 Walking in Waterfront City

The recently built Waterfront City in Dbayeh is a charming place to visit. Although a residential compound, it is accessible to anyone wanting to have a serene afternoon stroll on the promenade.

#6 Take a refreshing roadtrip by bike

Who needs to worry about gas and costs when they own a bike or can borrow one from a friend? Lebanon is “weaved” as such that towns and cities are interconnected and easy to discover by bike. You can even dare further and make it a thrilling road trip to farther towns.

#7 Take Instagram-worthy pictures in Saint-George Bay

The popular Saint-George Bay in Beirut, which has come to be also known as Zeitouna Bay in recent times, has a stunning view over the sea. It is definitely a great place for you to dress up nicely and take pictures with friends or family, especially during sunsets.

#8 Explore the Old Souk of Byblos

Jbeil or Byblos is one of the most ancient cities in the world. It is home to the Old Souk, a historical landmark with charming shops. It is a great destination to stroll around with your loved ones and feel the Lebanese charm of the place.

#9 Discover the streets of Mar Mikhael

One of the oldest neighborhoods in Beirut is Mar Mikhael. Its charm makes it a great place to walk around and admire its architecture and graffiti and feel its lively vibes.

#10 Visit the Phoenician Wall in Batroun

The oldest surviving vestige of a building in Batroun is the Phoenician wall. The outstanding relic is a must-see, especially during sunsets where you can take memorable and Instagram-worthy pictures.

#11 Wander in Tripoli

The northern capital of Lebanon has its own particular charm. This ancient city is known to have the second-highest concentration of Mamluk architecture after Cairo. It has alleys and spots worth exploring for its historical landmarks, its vibrant Old Souks, its friendly locals, its delicious sweets, and its amalgam of old and new architectures.

While there, make your way to Al-Mina, the seaside district that has also much to offer.

#12 Visit Religious Sites

Lebanon is the most religiously diverse country in the Middle East. Home to over a dozen religions, there are many different religious landmarks across the country that are worth visiting. Some renowned landmarks are Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque in downtown Beirut, Our Lady of Lebanon in Harissa, Taynal Mosque in Tripoli, and Saint Charbel’s Monastery in Annaya.

#13 Discover Lebanon’s wonderful nature by foot

A land of natural blessings we tend to disregard, Lebanon has countless breathtaking spots you can leisurely hike or stroll through without spending a dime.

Wear comfortably and head to the hills and mountains of Batroun, Tannourine, Al-Arz, Sannine, Kfarzebian, Chouf, and the list of wonderful places to visit goes on.

#14 Enjoy Lebanon’s social life

One of Lebanon’s famous characteristics is its social life and, unlike one would assume, you don’t need to spend to socialize and have fun. Meet with friends at the beach, in a park, at the Corniche, and even in homes and balconies, and get to enjoy what Lebanon has of very best: its friendly people.

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