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A Spring Book Fair Is Happening In the Heart of Byblos' Old Souks

You should stop and smell the books!

Spring is here! And so is our appetite for new books and fresh material! This weekend is buzzing with awesome events for us art-buffs and bookworms. We've already told you about Nuit Des La Musées, the night Lebanese museums will open their doors free of charge for all. But another special occasion is here, and we can't wait to share it with you!

BookYard is collaborating with the Municipality of Jbail-Byblos to bring us a spring-inspired outdoor book market. The exceptional collection will have it all; the old, the new, the burrowed and (probably?) the blue.

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From old books and rare copies to new releases and sold-out single-editions, everything will be up for grabs this weekend at Byblos' Old Souks. Under the delightful April sun and with the sea breeze blowing all around you, you'll get to browse an assortment of over a thousand delectable items.

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Whether it's the romantic classics or futuristic sci-fis you're into, you'll get your fix at the fair. Literature geeks, history buffs and comic fans will all find something this weekend.

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In addition to Bookyard, other exhibitors will be putting up kiosks in the fair.

Ciel A Book Company will be providing a sample of its broad collection of books and prints.

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Another bookstall will feature eclectic publications from boho-favorite Halabi Bookshop.

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You'll also come across the environment-friendly accessories and handmade jewlery of In The Loop.

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Antique-lovers should keep an eye out for Restauration Antique's unique items and collectors' favourites.

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Most of the items will be provided by local bookstores and antique shops. The rest will be made available by none other than yourselves! Not only can you buy any of the items up for display, you can also sell any of your own books and collections.

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Alternatively, you could donate some of your worn-down favorites with a personal inscription to share your experience and pass on the torch to other bookworms.

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Or you could choose to drop them off and switch them up for other second-hand pieces at the exchange booth.

And since all great things come in pairs, the fair is collaborating with Nuit Des La Musées, which happens to coincide with the event. During your visit to the book market, you'll be able to take part of special night on the 6th of April and visit Byblos Fishing Club - Pepe Abed, the Armenian Genocide Orphans’ “Aram Bezikian” Museum and MACAM!

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Bookyard organizes seasonal book fairs mainly in Byblos and occasionaly in other parts of the country to encourage Lebanese libraries and liven up our book culture.

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Luckily for us, all of their markets are one-of-a-kind events hosted in the open-air.

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