10 Things You Must Do In South Lebanon!

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Southern Lebanon gathers history, culture, and nature. There are many breathtaking sites you need to explore and delicious food you need to taste there!

Go biking in Bkassine Pine Forest

Bkassine Pine Forest is a famous destination for hikers and adventure lovers. It is the biggest pine forest in Lebanon. Bkassine is the home of old bridges, heritage houses, and natural wonders.

Explore Sidon’s beautiful Sea Castle

Saida, or Sidon, is one of the oldest cities in Lebanon. It is one of the Phoenician cities and towns that have been continuously inhabited ever since they have been established in ancient times!

The Crusaders built Sidon’s Sea Castle in the thirteenth century. It is located on a small island connected to the mainland.

Step back in time by visiting the Debbane Palace

Located in Sidon, this palace was built at the beginning of the 18th century by the Ottoman Hammoud family of Moroccan origins. Youssef Debbanรฉ bought the palace in 1800 and restored it.

Enjoy Marjeyoun’s old Lebanese houses

The charming old, abandoned, and restored Lebanese houses add magic to Marjeyoun. 

Learn more about the Phoenician culture by exploring the Temple of Eshmun

Built in the 7th century BC, this temple is dedicated to Eshmun which is the Phoenician god of healing and renewal of life. 

The Sidonian king Eshmunazar II constructed the temple to celebrate the cityโ€™s recovered wealth. For more about the Temple and its history, visit here.

Enjoy a mesmerizing view from the Beaufort Castle

Beaufort Castle, or Qalaat Al Shaqif, is a Crusader fortress in Nabatieh. It is strategically located on a hill that overlooks the Litani River and offers a view of Southern Lebanon and Northern Palestine. 

The castle’s strategic location made it a ground for many battles throughout its history. Visit here to know more about Beaufort Castle!

Try the specialties of Sidon

This city is famous for its unique street food culture. While you’re there, make sure to try delicacies such as halewet el rez, malban, mjamar, sanioura, and mfat2a!

Take a dip in Tyre

The beaches in South Lebanon are among the best!

Take a stroll in the old souk of Saida

The Old Souk of Saida is a beautiful maze of alleys where shops display handmade products and traditional artifacts!

Enjoy Tyre’s colorful alleys

These colors bring the ancient city back to life!

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10 Things You Must Do In South Lebanon!

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