12 Things To Do In The Lebanese City Of Tyre For A Great Summer Day With Your Friends

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Located on Lebanon’s southern coast, the city of Tyre is a gorgeous summer destination boasting many sites, which make it an interesting place to spend a great summer day.

Tyre is an extensive city to discover, and was featured on UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites for its rich heritage and culture.

Having a clean beach and a rich history dating back to the Phoenician and the Roman Empire eras, this Lebanese coastal city is home to friendly locals welcoming both Lebanese and tourists from around the world.

So, if you and your friends are looking to spend a fabulous day full of interesting things to do, plan for a day trip to Tyre while the weather is still clement.

Here are things we recommend to do during your visit:

Check out the remains of the ancient columns

Situated at Al Mina’s excavation site, the ruins host a series of columns on the seafront, historical masterpieces built around the 3rd century. It is both a fascinating and intriguing site where you can immerse deep in the city’s heritage!

Chill out by Tyre’s crystal clear public beach

The coastal city is famous for its clear and clean public beach. It is sought by people from all around Lebanon to enjoy a great easygoing day suntanning and swimming in the Mediterranean sea.

Marvel around Tyre’s fishermen’s port

When in Tyre, you mustn’t miss the picturesque fishermen’s port from where the legendary Phoenician Cadmus sailed off to teach the world the alphabet. He was the son of Agenor, king of Phoenicia, and the brother of Europa. 

It is a historical port that has represented Tyre’s legacy through the ages to date.

Check out Al Fanar lighthouse

Al Fanar is one of Tyre’s landmarks, and for many of the locals, it is the main landmark of their city. Built in 1912 to direct ships through Tyre’s coast, the Lighthouse has now a small restaurant at the top, serving local cuisine for the past two decades, and allowing visitors panoramic views of the beach and the city.

Explore The Roman Hippodrome

The Roman Hippodrome is a unique site reflecting Tyre’s extensive history. The site dates back to around the 2nd century, as it was used for chariot races and other sports.

It has kept some of its architectural magnificence, and it is a must to visit. Strolling through the hippodrome feels like stepping into an era long gone.

Get to savor Tyre’s delicious seafood

Restaurants abound in the city where traditional food, notably delicious seafood from Tyre’s sea, is served in lovely settings.

Le Phénicien is one of them, a famous fine dining seafood restaurant right at the port with a direct view of the sea and the boats and with indoor and outdoor seating areas.

For more info, contact 07 740 564.

Roam through the colorful Christian Quarter

Located near the port, the Christian Quarter is a small area in Tyre with ancient narrow alleys and colorful houses, reflecting the legacy of love for colors of the Phoenicians who once created their historic purple dye in this city.

Visit the Church of The Lady of The Seas

Located in the Christian Quarter, this ancient Maronite church is classified as a Cathedral and is a site of pilgrimage since it was declared as such by the Vatican, making it a destination for many who are unable to visit the holy places in Palestine.

Explore the old souks

Tyre’s old souks are an interesting part of the city where you can get to interact with the locals while strolling through the rich variety of shops selling food, clothes, handmade items, jewelry, and much more!

Get to marvel at Tyre’s Coast Nature Reserve

Located in the southeast of the city, the Tyre Coast Nature Reserve is home to a large and beautiful beach in Lebanon, as well as a flora and fauna known for nesting birds.

The reserve is family-friendly and wheelchair accessible. It is divided into three sections, encompassing vast green spaces, long-lived forests, beautiful beaches, and monuments from different eras. 

Catch the sunset at Ras Al Bayada

Situated in Naqoura, around 22 km away from Tyre, Ras El Bayada is a forgotten area, where rocks meet the beach in a fascinating formation worth admiring up-close.

The view is breathtaking, almost eerie, especially if you are up to catch the sunset there, and the fresh air surrounded by tranquility.

Experience Tyre’s pubs

Before leaving Tyre in the evening, get to experience the Tavolino pub, which is a restaurant bar with ancient raw-stone walls and vaults and a very cool ambiance.

It’s a warm, lively, and cozy place in the old city’s colored street, serving a variety of cocktails and drinks, as well as food like tacos, quesadillas, fondu, steaks, and more.

For more info, contact:  76 373 627

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