10+ Best Things To Do In Your Lebanese Village When You’re Bored


Clubs, restaurants, and movie theaters are all entertaining and refreshing. But nature and villages can be pretty fun, too, especially Lebanese villages.

We have 10+ subtle but delightful activities you can do in your Lebanese village when you’re bored, because who isn’t bored right now?

And the good news is that you can do them all while staying committed to social distancing!

#1 Plan a night of stargazing

Be grateful and do it for all the city people who can’t count stars or make a wish upon a shooting star.

This might sound like a very simple thing to do, but believe me, stargazing will soothe your mind and soul. It is a cool way to unwind, and your problems will seem very insignificant afterward.

#2 Work on your garden

Create something beautiful, like a garden full of colorful flowers and fruitful trees. You can also plant vegetables so you can eat green, clean, organic, and fresh vegetables right from your garden.

Cultivating land all on your own can be a very rewarding and wise use of your time. You’ll feel good whenever you see progress, even slow progress.

#3 Work out, meditate, dance in nature

There is an extraordinary sensation of freedom that comes while exercising in nature. Breathe fresh and clean air while doing your favorite activity outdoors.

Meditate to the sound of chirping birds, welcome the sun or the moon with a little dance, or take a run out in nature. Seize your day!

#4 Have a picnic/barbecue

This is the ultimate village activity (for a reason). Take your Labneh, Tea, and Man2oushe outside, or have a barbecue with your family and that can be easily done while keeping social distancing.

Have great Lebanese bites while enjoying the broad horizons and a charming view.

#5 Take an aimless walk or bicycle ride

Clear your mind! There’s hardly anything to distract you in a village. You can have all the time you need and go as far as the field goes.

You’ll be surprised how inspiring it can be and how refreshing to the mind. Then you can go back home a renewed person and a peaceful individual.

#6 Discover, explore…

The beauty of Lebanon remains in its hidden gems. Every place has a story, do you know your village’s? If not, ask or do research; that abandoned building you always pass by will most probably have an interesting history. You learn something new every day, just be curious!

#7 Create outdoor entertainment

Make a tire swing, get a little pool, get a trampoline, get out your child within, the possibilities are endless.

You can turn your backyard into a fun zone for you and your family. Something as simple as a water hose or a sprinkler can be all you need.

#8 Let your imagination wander

Read, write, paint, take pictures or videos, anything that triggers your imagination. You don’t need to be a professional, you can do it just for fun. The world is your play zone, so let your imagination run wild.

#9 Do the things you can’t do anywhere else

You never know how lucky you are to live in a village until you become aware of the things you can’t do in the city; like swimming in a lake, camping, taking care of farm animals, gardening, climbing a tree, and so on.

Take advantage of every little thing. Cherish the moments. Live the Now while you can!

#10 Go on a hike

The journey may be hard, but the view will be worth it! Lebanon is a magical place, and you have a chance to see it with the best perspective.

#11 Get crafty

You can build a bird feeder, a treehouse, or you can make a scarecrow for your garden. If you are into arts and crafts, the outdoors can be your canvas.

You’ll enjoy the process of creating these little things as well as the results. They can be decorative, things you’ll enjoy looking at, or things you’ll put to good use afterward.

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