16 Things To Do In Lebanon When You Just Want To Break Your Routine

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Let’s not beat around the bush: routine life gets tedious. Work, sleep, repeat. Not being able to break away from your routine, at least once a week, can get you down and make life seem like a drag.

Taking breaks when you feel you need them can boost your mental health. It can keep you from hitting your own “breaking” point!

Your break doesn’t have to be something grand. It can be as simple as waking up earlier than usual, having breakfast on the roof, or taking a longer way home instead of your regular route.

OR you can dedicate a whole day to your break and give yourself the adventure you deserve to come back feeling refreshed and energized to fulfill your routine tasks and duties.

Here are some things to do in Lebanon – both in the city and in nature – that will break your routine and help get you back to a happy place.

#1 Have breakfast on the roof

Have breakfast, lunch, dinner, a coffee, a glass of wine, or whatever -but on your roof! Yes, it might sound like a small act, but it does break your routine and make you feel like you’ve done something new. You can try doing that at least once a week and make it your own little secret.

#2 Take a spontaneous hiking trip

There are so many trails in Lebanon to explore. Book a hiking trip with any of the local hiking adventure groups that are mastering the nature routes in Lebanon.

Alternatively, you can take a long pleasant walk in nature on your own or with a friend. Lebanon doesn’t lack amazing natural environments where you can have a great time connecting with nature.

#3 Explore Lebanese bands

Change up your music routine. Add Lebanese bands into the mix. We have plenty of talented local musicians which talents are worth enjoying.

#4 Paraglide over Jounieh

One daring way to break away from routine life is to undertake one of the most remarkable life experiences from your very own country.

#5 Experience a weekend in nature

Forget fancy hotels and resorts, and rent a cabin in nature. Immerse yourself in Lebanon’s forests for a relaxing and invigorating weekend – away from crowded cities the smog hovering over them.

#6 Discover Batroun by bike

A trip to the stunning seaside town of Batroun is a must. There are so many things to do in Batroun like renting a bike and roaming the area on wheels like a true local.

#7 Go paddleboarding

Why not challenge yourself to a new watersport like paddleboarding. There is a whole paddleboarding community to become a part of in Batroun.

#8 Give yourself the joy of giving

Reach out to any local charity or NGO in your town and ask how you can volunteer. These places can use all the help they can get. It’s a shift from your normal everyday life, a way to give back to your society, and it’s fulfilling. And you will be making new friends!

For a good start, check this online platform connecting volunteers with humanitarian and social causes.

#9 Try bubble tea for the first time

More Lebanese than you think have never tried this Taiwanese concoction. The idea of trying bubble tea, which is also known as boba, is to experience the taste of something new. If there’s something you’ve been wanting to try, take some time and go for it!

#10 Tour cities you’re not familiar with

Be a tourist in your own country. Visit popular cities you’ve never been to. Plan a road trip and explore mountain homey villages, picturesque coastal towns, or Lebanon’s stunning countryside.

#11 Watch Lebanese films

For your next movie night, dabble in a Lebanese-made film for a change.

#12 Join a yoga class in nature

Tackle that anxiety and relieve your body, mind, and soul with a yoga session. Who knows, maybe you’ll find that you like it and adapt it into your daily life. Just 15 minutes of yoga a day can do wonders for your physical and mental health.

#13 Catch a ride on the Téléphérique

Go for a ride on the Téléphérique to Harissa for an ultimate view of the Jounieh bay – one of the most iconic scenic views of Lebanon that combines the sea and the mountains in one.

#14 Visit the canaries breeding farm

The canaries are not normally social birds, which adds to the thrill of admiring them up close and how they are been bred by a professional.

This farm is located in Beit Chabab, Mount Lebanon, and it shelters and breeds canaries and exotic birds.

#15 Go Wine tasting!

Lebanese wine has gained a repute of excellence for its delicious wine, and a trip to one of Lebanon’s wineries sounds like a great idea to break the routine. Click here for some suggestions about where to go.

#16 Dare an art class

When is the last time you tested your artistic capabilities or let your inner child out? This is a good time to do so if you want to break your routine.

There are several places for all ages in Lebanon where you can spend a few hours creating something to reward yourself. In any case, this could be therapeutic, whether you’ve done it before or not.