9 Things To Do On Father’s Day In Lebanon

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and all dads deserve to be celebrated and appreciated for the hard work they put out.

Are you lost or unsure of what to do to make your dad feel special on this holiday?

Worry not, because we have curated an amazing list of fun activities that you, your whole family, and most importantly your dad can enjoy together!

Outdoor Adventure

Take your dad out on an adventurous hike on these incredible hiking trails found all over Lebanon. He will surely enjoy the open fresh air and the breathtaking views these natural gems have to offer.

Why not even pack a picnic to enjoy amidst nature? It will be a perfect outing to connect and spend quality time together.

Sports Day

Play a game of basketball, football, tennis, or any other sport your dad enjoys in one of Lebanon’s various sports clubs. Engage in friendly competition and bond over your shared love for competition.

You can even rent a bike, and ride along Beirut’s waterfront to watch the beautiful sunset!

Movie Marathon

Set up a cozy movie night at home with your dad’s favorite films. Prepare some snacks, grab a blanket, and enjoy a relaxing evening watching movies together.

It will be a relaxing evening the whole family can enjoy together!

Fishing Trip

If your dad enjoys fishing, plan a fishing trip together. Luckily for you, Lebanon is a coastal country that is rich with seas and rivers you can visit with your dad.

So, why not head to a nearby lake, river, or coastal area, and enjoy a peaceful day of fishing and bonding?

And, if hunger strikes, that takes us to the next activity on our list.

Cooking or Grilling Session

Prepare a special meal for your dad or cook together. Whether it’s trying out a new recipe or firing up the grill, cooking together can be a fun and delicious way to celebrate Father’s Day. Nothing screams love like a delicious Lebanese homemade meal!

And, if you ended up fishing together, it’s a sure way to reap the benefits and dine in on your delicious catch!

DIY Projects

Engage in a do-it-yourself project with your dad. It could be building something, painting, or working on a home improvement task. Why not even take him out to one of Beirut’s dedicated Arts & Crafts spots to unleash your creativity together!

Whatever you end up making, will be a constant reminder that he will reminiscence on in the future. It’s a sure way to commemorate this day!

Museum or Art Gallery Visit

If your dad appreciates art, take him to a local museum or a walkable art gallery.

Spend the day exploring exhibits and discussing the artwork. He might even have a story, or two to share!

Game Night

Arrange a game night with your dad’s favorite board games, card games, or puzzles. Spend the evening challenging each other and bonding over friendly competition.

You can even visit a board game cafe where you can play and sip on tasty drinks at the same time. Talk about convenience!

Beach Escapade

It’s summer season, and what better way to enjoy the weather than by visiting the multitude of Lebanon’s free beaches that adorn the coast?

Soak up the sun, swim, build sandcastles, and enjoy a picnic by the shore. It will be a rejuvenating day that your dad will surely enjoy!

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