7 Amazing Things To Explore In Kfar Matta, Lebanon

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Southeast of Beirut, the Kfar Matta village, located in the Aley district, is ample with olive groves and luscious green lands, making it one of the most important towns for olive oil production.

In fact, Kfar Matta even has an annual Olive Festival.

But besides the olive orchards, there are many things to do and explore in this unique village. Here are some of them:

#1 Abandoned Silk Mill

A reminder of Lebanon’s once-thriving silk industry, the Kfar Matta silk mill is an easily accessible piece of history that’s still in good shape.

The marvelous ruins of the 19th century are an attraction for architecture and history lovers alike.

#2 Al-Fozor

Two enormous and unbelievable rock formations, a natural rock fissure, at Al Fozor or “Al-Fizr” will transport you to the Grand Canyon. The beautiful landscape in Al-Fozor region in Kfar Matta is a must-visit for hikers.

#3 The Damour River

As the Damour River passes by Kfar Matta, it is surrounded by gorgeous tall trees, including evergreen pine trees, and untouched nature. It is an absolutely top-notch spot for setting up camp.

#4 Hiking a beautiful trail

A relatively new and increasingly popular hiking trail from Jisr El-Qadi to Kfar Matta will take you along the river toward Al-Fozor to experience the natural beauty of the region.

#5 Rentable private pools

Ways away from the sea, Kfar Matta has many private pools you can book with a group of friends and enjoy a calm and happy weekend escape under the sun surrounded by vibrant green.

#6 Horseback riding

Kfar Matta has a huge club for horseback riding for horse lovers to practice their skills and pet the magnificent animals.

Al Adham For Horses Equestrian Club participates in International competitions and has scored several wins. But it also offers simple, easy horseback rides in nature for those wishing to experience the peaceful thrill.

#7 ATV-ing

Rather than the usual hike, you can take an ATV and roam around the natural land of the village making the best of everything it has to offer!

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