16 Things You Should Know If You’re Planning A Trip To Lebanon


Lebanon is one of the smallest yet astonishing countries in the world, where you can meet the loveliest people in your entire life, eat like a king/queen, party like you’re in Ibiza, and visit the oldest historical sites in the world.

Even though Lebanon is enduring many problems, come and visit Lebanon, buy from locals, spend your money to help the economy, and most importantly have fun.

And here’s what you should know if you are planning a visit to Lebanon.

#1 Bring both your ski suit and swimsuit

Lebanon is blessed with a moderate climate that makes its 4 seasons most enjoyable. It even has a season where you can both swim at one of its many beautiful beaches and ski at one of its amazing ski resorts.

#2 Know where to exchange money

Money Changers In Lebanon Are Surprisingly Witnessing A Deficit In Lebanese Liras
Middle East Online

At the time of writing, Lebanon is undergoing extreme inflation. Stay informed on the Lebanese Pound’s exchange rate and inform yourself with the locals where is a safe place to exchange money in order not to get scammed.

#3 It’s generally a safe environment for women

Most if not all Lebanese cities are safe for women to walk around and visit, or have a bite at a restaurant without being hassled. If you’re coming alone and want to feel more at peace, befriend a female local.

In any case, it is a smart thing to do since she can show you around and guide you to the best places to visit.

#4 Internet connection problem

The major downside of coming to Lebanon these days is the problem with the internet. You can find access in some coffee places where you can sit with your laptop for an hour or two.

If you need more than that to have serious work done during your stay, you can always rent a temporary coworking space at the 961Offices, which provides 24/7 fiber internet connection and electricity, and the rent comes with many perks.

#5 Lebanese Nightlife

Be sure to enjoy the Lebanese nightlife while in Lebanon. Lebanon was ranked third best nightlife in the world as of 2020, and that despite its many crises. You can enjoy a nice party at Mar Mikhael, in the vibrant streets of Hamra, in the energetic streets of Gemmayze.

As of the time of writing, these are the events planned in Lebanon for Christmas, and for New Year’s Eve.

#6 Bring enough of your meds for your stay

Access to meds has been a hassle and even impossible with some during these times. The prices of available medicines have even tripled due to inflation. If you are under certain medical treatment or foresee needing any meds, bring enough for your stay.

It will be also noble to consider bringing along extra meds to donate if you can afford to do so. Lebanon is lacking meds for diabetes, cancer, pain killers, and even baby formula.

#7 Transportation

Taxis and transportation services like Uber are available in Lebanon, you can take a taxi(or an uber) whenever and wherever you want. Just make sure to double-check on their rates since prices vary depending on the price of gasoline.

In regards to traffic, expect jams and unforgettable sights of riders that are not so unusual in Lebanon.

#8 Lebanese food

If this is the first time you visit Lebanon, be ready to gain a few pounds. Lebanese food is well known to be delicious and, yes, hooking. Plus, there is a restaurant on almost every corner wherever you are in the country.

And if you are coming to socialize with Lebanese, there will be always great food to enjoy.

For some great suggestions of places to eat, check these guides: Vegan Restaurants, Italian Restaurants, Japanese Cuisine Restaurants, Mexican Restaurants, Seafood Restaurants, and yes, Lebanon has it all!

We also recommend these gorgeous Nature-Immersed Waterfront Restaurants for a memorable mealtime.

#9 Politics

Try to avoid talking about Lebanese politics with the locals. Lebanese politics are very complex and are hot-button triggers. You also ought to know that almost every city/village “belongs” to a certain political party.

#10 Lebanon’s geographic environment

Unlike some misconceptions, Lebanon is not a desert. It is a historical country known for its rich ecosystem, its beautiful forests and nature reserves, its snowy mountains, and its abundance of rivers and lakes.

Its coastline, from North to South, enjoys the Mediterranean sea to as far as the eyes can see and boasts great beaches and resorts.

#11 Smoking in public

Don’t be offended by smokers. A lot of people smoke either cigarettes or Shisha in restaurants. If you have an allergy or the smell of smoking bothers you, you can always opt to find places where there is a non-smoking section. But you will feel safe in malls and supermarkets, people do not smoke there.

#12 Best time to visit

There isn’t really a particular best time to visit Lebanon. All its 4 seasons are awesome and enjoyable with each bringing in its particular extras to the wonders of the country.

Nature in Lebanon, as well as its nightlife and restaurants of all cuisines and categories, can be enjoyed all year long. It is similarly true with road trips, exploring ancient towns, shopping, and attending events and concerts.

In spring, though, you can enjoy both swimming in the sea and skiing in the mountains the very same day, with a ride that doesn’t take more than 20 minutes or so. its nature in both

In summer, you can even swim in mountain pools, and enjoy beach parties “A La Libanaise.”

In winter, there is the sky season with plenty of snow activities to enjoy, as well as enjoying a romantic getaway in any of Lebanon’s mountain guesthouses or resorts.

In fall, the natural environment becomes Instagrammable at best with our abundant nature turning into warm colors of amber, orange, red, and golden.

#13 Power outage

Currently, Lebanon is suffering from daily power cuts that are affecting the majority of the population across the country but you can always find spots fueled by generators, like malls and restaurants.

The coworking spaces of 961Offices do provide 24/7 electricity and the facility to temporarily rent if you need to keep connected to your work while visiting Lebanon.

#14 Religion

Nabil Kassir

Despite some assumptions overseas, Lebanon is a country of co-existence, being home to 18 Lebanese sects and this diversity makes it special.

You will meet people from different religions and sects. You will also be able to visit Lebanon’s astonishing religious sites, many of which are historical such as the ancient monasteries in the Valley of the Saints (Qadisha), the mosques, many of which side churches, and the ancient synagogues in Deir El-Qamar, Bhamdoun, and downtown Beirut.

#15 Lebanon touristic sites

Lebanon is an ancient land, rich in history, temples, ruins, and castles. Some of its towns are thousands of years old, and many sites are classified by UNESCO heritage.

From the ruins in downtown Beirut to Baalbek, Tyre, Jbeil, Tripoli, and Anjar in Bekaa, including the old souks, the repertory of Lebanon’s ancient sites that are a must to visit are endless.

#16 The Lebanese culture

Lebanese are known for their resilience and their ability to have fun whatever the situation may be. They are also very generous and friendly, including with visitors and tourists.

Don’t be surprised when locals greet you while walking on the street, or when they invite you for lunch or coffee as if you were an old friend.

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16 Things You Should Know If You're Planning A Trip To Lebanon

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