10 things typical Lebanese grandmas do

If you have a Lebanese grandma, you’re a lucky person. She adds a magical sparkle to your life!


Her food is delicious

Her food is out of this world. One little bite of her delicious dishes could make your day a thousand times better!

She force feeds you

Don’t tell her you don’t feel like eating. She will shove every bite into your mouth.


She gets sad when you refuse to eat

She will take it personally; that’s 100% guaranteed.

Panadol and 7 Up can cure any disease

Do you have a headache? Take two tablets of Panadol. Are you feeling nauseous? Drink 7 Up. Like seriously why pay the doctor $100 when the cure is in your home.


She reminds you that her generation is healthier

“Ento jil nylon. Ana lama kenet zghire kenet emche tahet l chete 3al madrase w ma kenet omrad.”

She enthusiastically talks about old Lebanon

“Rizkallah 3ala iyamak ya tramway Beirut!” She’s right though! Old Lebanon was cleaner, greener, and the public transport was reliable.


Her friends know all the positive things about you

She is so proud of you that she always talks about you to her friends. You’re just a perfect munchkin that makes teta proud!

She’s a crochet enthusiast


Her house is made of crochet. You can find crochet everywhere: on the TV set, on the dining table, on lamps…

There are no rules at her place

Her house is a free zone! Things that are not allowed at your place are allowed at hers. Nothing bothers teta as long as her grandchildren are happy!

She disappoints you sometimes


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