10+ things you already know about your Lebanese dad

Your Lebanese dad is unique! Below are more than 10 things you know about him!

He walked to school

  Every time you complain to your Lebanese dad that’s it’s too cold to go outside, he tells you that he walked 10 kilometers, climbed Kornet Al Sawda, and swam in Nahr Ibrahim to get to school.

He shouts when talking on the phone

  His voice gets louder when he’s talking on the phone, and he’s not even angry!

“Ana bel hareb…”

  Never complain in front of your dad, because he will remind you that he went through the war.

He is a political analyst

  Your Lebanese dad will never believe the news or what political analysts say because he develops his own theories that turn out to be true in the end.

“S2ale emmik/ emmak”

  Because your

Lebanese mom

knows everything.

He probably doesn’t know how to use his cell phone

Some dads have the latest cell phones and have no idea how to unlock them. Others are more pragmatic and keep using the good old Nokia Abou Lamba.

He HATES social media

  Your dad blames social media when something is going wrong in your life. And yes, you’ve been coughing for a few weeks because of WhatsApp.

He bargains a lot 

  He can get you anything for half the price.

He can fix anything

  Your Lebanese dad is an all-in-one technician, plumber, and mechanic.

Arak is his best friend

He cannot eat mezza without drinking Arak. Admit it, Arak tastes better when you’re drinking it with your Lebanese dad.

The famous “chou esmo”

  “Jeble/jibile l chou esmo yalli mahtout 3al chou esmo hadd l chou esmo.” Go figure out what that chou esmo is. Good luck.

He wants what’s best for you

  If you’re a girl, you’ll forever be his little princess. If you’re a guy, you’re his hero. Your dad would do anything to make you happy. Lebanese dads are the best!

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