10+ things you already know about your Lebanese mom

Lebanese moms are unique! Below are more than 10 things you know about them!

She knows everything

If you are trying to hide something from your Lebanese mom, the chances are that she already knows about it.

Her tupperwares are off limits

  I don’t know about you, but I feel like there is something special between Lebanese moms and tupperwares. If you lose one, I suggest you not to go home.

She is the best cook

  No one can compete with her. Your mom’s food is filled with love!

She embarrasses you in front of your friends

  Do you remember that embarrassing picture of you when you were four years old? Everyone who visited your house has already seen it.

She can find anything within seconds

  If you lost something, don’t bother and search for it. Just ask your mom!

She shows you off in front of people

  She is proud of you and wants to make sure everyone knows about it!

She sends you weird good morning texts

It’s the intention that counts, right? On a side note: who creates these weird pictures?

She is smarter than you think

You: 0 Your mom: 1000

She panics when you are driving

  Do you know what’s worse than driving on bad roads? Driving next to someone who throws a panic attack every five minutes. No matter how slow you drive, your mom will always tell you that you are driving too fast.

She wants to know everything about your friends

  “Who are they? Where are they from? What’s their major?”

She makes you wear a jacket everyday

  You should dress according to what she feels, and that is wearing a jacket every day no matter how hot it is.

She still remembers the rules of Arabic grammar

  You don’t even remember what a “moubtada2” is. How does she do it?

You are her little munchkin no matter how old you are

  It doesn’t matter if your forty years old, moved out, and have kids, you will always be her perfect moon pie!

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