10 things you can only do in Lebanon

Lebanon is a world of its own.

#1 You check when is the next power outage and plan your day accordingly

You can’t take a shower now because you cannot blow-dry your hair since there’s a power cut at 6:00 PM. Basic math.

#2 You look both ways when crossing a one-way street

Do you remember when Dora the Explorer taught you that you should look both ways when crossing the street? It turns out that the girl was right.

#3 You hope that one of your neighbors would be nice enough to turn on the “disjoncteur” of all the apartments

  Why can’t the “disjoncteur” be in my house? WHY?

#4 You spend time at the mall to avoid traffic

  That’s where you waste your money.

#5 You buy pirated movies like it’s not a big deal

  Why would you subscribe to Netflix when you can buy an entire series for less than $10? Or you can watch pirated movies online if your internet connection is fast. Just make sure not to do that abroad, or you’ll end up in jail.

#6 You sometimes try to be optimistic about power cuts

  At least you get to exercise while climbing the stairs, right?

#7 You can get anything delivered to your doorstep

  Everything can be delivered to your doorstep in Lebanon from groceries to medications and recharge cards. It’s like the Lebanese version of Amazon Prime.

#8 You live like there’s no tomorrow

  You check if the gas tank is leaking by lighting a lighter next to it because this is how logic apparently works.

#9 You can get things delivered via a basket

That’s how we roll.

#10 You can order coffee to your car

There are small stores on main streets and highways that can deliver the best coffee to your car!

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