7 Things You’ll Find In Every Lebanese Series!

If you watch Lebanese series, you definitely know there is something wrong with them. Whether it’s a comedy or a drama, almost all series in Lebanon have these 7 things in common.

#1 An ultra-fancy breakfast

El Sousi | Al Mouajjanati

Come on! Who has croissants, orange juice, brie, and cakes on a huge dining table for breakfast? Except for students at Hogwarts, literally, no one has a similar breakfast every day! We need to see more man2ouches in Lebanese dramas!

#2 Mansions and luxury cars

Yes, because every single Lebanese person is that rich. And, oh! The characters can also afford to buy lunch from a fancy restaurant and not eat it because they remembered they have something important to do.

#3 Makeup and plastic surgeries

Sadly, plastic surgery is a huge part of the Lebanese society. But why is a person who is in a coma wearing makeup?

#4 “El Cherke”

In almost every Lebanese drama series, the main character owns a company. We never know what kind of company it is.

 #5 Names and relationships

This is how people call each other in Lebanese series: Sami ya sadi2e, Nohad ya bent 3amme…

#6 Phone calls

Characters simply repeat every single word that the speaker at the other end of the line is saying.

#7 Behind the scenes

This is probably how they do the castings.

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7 Things You’ll Find In Every Lebanese Series!

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