9 Things You Go Through If Your Father Is Lebanese

It’s no doubt that behind every great daughter/son is a truly amazing father (and of course a mother).

Fathers in general and Lebanese ones, in particular, have a certain unique profile that almost everyone could find it applicable and relatable to their dad. You shall take an ancestry DNA test if otherwise.

There go 9 common traits among our beloved Lebanese fathers.

#1 Ana Lamma Kenet B 3omrak * Me, when I was your age…

All dads, and we literally mean all, used to be disciplined, responsible, and mature before normal age. Every moment, like really every moment, is a suitable one for them to compare you to how they were at your age.

You just need to approve and nod with no room for arguments and negotiation whatsoever.

#2 They Were the Neighborhood Casanova

In contradiction with the above, they, on the other hand, and notwithstanding their rigorous attitude, often tend to flash their youth memories back to their “adventures” with girls.

This particularly happens when your dad isn’t on good terms with your mom. So, ego obliges, ex-Casanova has to take you on his personal lane of youth memories…. or imagination. Whether his tales of girls chasing after him is true or not is irrelevant. Just spare his ego, dude; he’s your dad!

#3. Thinking You are Still in Grade 9

There’s this very common trait among Lebanese dads of thinking that you are always stuck in Brevet – the Official Lebanese Exit Exam of grade 9- or any other grade.

You may be in your senior college year or just about to earn your master’s degree, when they ask you, Kif el-madrasseh, baba? (How is it going with the school?)

#4 Es2al Emmak * Ask your mom

Does this ring any bell to you? Yes. We’re speaking of that vicious cycle when you ask your dad for permission to hang out with your friends or borrow the car.

No matter the case, you’re always referred to your mom, who, in her turn, sends you back to your father for approving your request. You’re their favorite kind of Volleyball indeed.

#5 Shou 3amil El Beit Hotel? Bakkir! * Why late?

If by any chance your parents or at least one of them give you the permission to go party with your friends at night, your dad will be staying up really late till you’re back, waiting for you to scold you and give you the very cliché welcome of: “Bakkir! Leh la halla2? Shou 3amil el beit hotel? Fakker bi mesta’belak!”

In brief, it is all summed up to tell you “Why are you late?” And that has to come with the above sarcasm of “It’s early! Why till now? This house is a hotel for you? Think about your future!”

#6 Fixing Their Phones

You are by default the phone expert at home or so do they truly believe. You are in fact always asked to sign up your father to Facebook, to Instagram, to Twitter, and to other applications, or to reboot and format their cell phones.

Note that prior to that, they give you a hard time switching the language from Arabic to English and then vice versa.

#7 Jokes’ Abuse

Your father will spend a lifetime telling the same riddles and old jokes, which, most of the time, happen to be lame. And, guess what? You have to laugh your heart out every time he says any of these.

#8 The Jack of All Trades

Whenever it’s the fridge or the TV that has stopped working or even the toilet flush that is stuck down, your father would find it dethroning for him to call the plumber.

They need to showcase their superpowers and talents that do often lead eventually to calling the technicians… for the extra mess done.

#9 Sleeping Time

There are a golden rule and a common agreement about not making any noise at home when your dad is sleeping.

Whilst it’s not the same case for moms usually (poor moms), sleeping time for your father is often sacred and is not to be messed with even if it’s just one in the afternoon. When dad sleeps, all the household must go into total silence.

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