6 Things You Learn Studying At A University In Lebanon

American University of Beirut (AUB)

University life not only teaches you how to write a research paper in APA style, how to debit and credit transaction, and how to derivate a mathematical equation from your calculus class.

University life is much deeper than academic knowledge. When you’re a student at any university in Lebanon, you will learn multiple things. 

As you graduate, you will excel at six main things just from being a student at a university in Lebanon.

#1 University life teaches you to survive an all-nighter on Red Bull, Coffee, and Chocolates

When assignments, projects, exams, quizzes, and homework accumulate, you get into survival mode and perfectly pull off an all-nighter only on caffeine. However, your energy won’t last you enough to celebrate your success.

#2 University life boosts up your Crisis Management skills

Because you still manage to pass when your procrastination level hits 100.

#3 You learn that going out in sweatpants is socially acceptable

Who has the time to dress up for an 8 AM class anyway?

#4 When you can’t befriend your classmates… you become besties with your campus cats

You are never alone because Kitty is always by your side.

#5 You learn how to save money … on books

Because why buy the original one when Copy Center is right around the corner?

#6 You learn how to multitask like a boss

While working on a full-time job and pulling off a Bachelor’s Degree .. LIKE A BOSS, University life is a wonderful experience. You don’t get out being the same person when you got in.

In the end, all the hard work, all the effort, all the sleepless nights, and all the “addeh bede jib 3al final la etla3 el course C” eventually pays off. For all those who are graduating in the near future: Congratulations! You have almost made it.

For all those who have just started, brace yourselves because you have just boarded on one hell of a ride.

Contributed by Valeriya Y. Yermolenko

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