10 Things You Should NEVER Tell A Lebanese Person

It doesn’t take much to set off  Lebanese people. There usually are very specific things that you can say to piss them off. So for your own safety, we put together a list of 10 things you should never tell a Lebanese person.


Things you should never tell a Lebanese person

#1 “Why do you speak English?”

#2 “What was it like living in war?”

#3 “So you guys have camels there?”

Fun Fact: Lebanon is the only country in the Middle East that doesn’t have a desert.

#4 “You’re Arab right?”

Where to start


#5 “Hummus is Israeli, not Lebanese”

#6 “Lebanon and Syria are the same thing”

Oh really?


#7 “I heard Lebanon isn’t safe”

#8 “Lesbians are what you call people from Lebanon”


#9 “Where’s Lebanon? Is that in Africa?

#10 Is Libya and Lebanon the same thing?

Wrong continent…


Bonus: #11 “You’re from Beirut?”

There’s more to Lebanon than just Beirut…

If you say any of these to a Lebanese person and get a reaction you don’t like, don’t say we didn’t warn you!