10+ Things Your Lebanese Relative Pronounces Funny

The Lebanese are known for being super creative – even when it comes to speaking English. In every Lebanese family, there’s at least one relative that keeps saying English words in a funny way!

Bloutoss – Bluetooth

Bebsi – Pepsi

Beboroni Bizza – Pepperoni Pizza

Damn it letter “P”!  

Kambyouter – Computer

Taperwer – Tupperware

Wats-zup – Whatsapp

  Or even worse: what’s up!

Rolz Ryyyz – Rolls Royce)

Tchhipz –  Chips 

Sondwich – Sandwich

Healthzy – Healthy

Zis – This

Sri – Three

  Do you have sri gee (3G)?

Barty – Party

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